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Augmented Reality Twitter Wall
You can’t find it on Google, but Kuble checks it out!
KPIs from A to Z: A as in Ad Frequency
This is the first article in a series that – yes, you guessed right – will continue until Z and shows how we enjoy working with data to be creative and always make the right decisions.
Facebook Pixel: Why should you use it?

In this blog post, we want to feature one of the handiest and most practical tools in the social media and digital marketing scene: The Facebook Pixel. In this article, we want to show you what the Facebook Pixel is, how to set it up and how it can help you and the agencies working with you to increase the success of your campaigns.

(If you feel comfortable with some topics in this blog, simply jump to the section that interests you most.)

Case study: Snack content for Swiss Life thought leadership

Starting point: Long-form articles about the ageing society, a self-determined life and related topics are published on the Swiss Life content hub. Social media is used to generate website traffic and engagement around this content from audiences in Germany, France and Switzerland. It’s a content marketing initiative that clearly goes beyond the products and services and follows thought leadership objectives.

Case study: Launching employee advocacy at Endress+Hauser

Starting point: Endress+Hauser, a B2B process automation company with more than 13’000 employees, wanted to include employee advocates who use their personal accounts into the brand’s social media strategy. Across many industries we observe that such activities are impactful on various levels: Emotionally because faces are more human than logos; creative because the content is less standardized; and with regards to earned media because the algorithms on social media channels favour personal accounts.