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Digital Marketing
Swiss Life: engaging content and organic social media marketing
Digital Marketing
Schenker Storen: sales-driven lead generation campaigns
Digital Marketing
Kronenhof & Kulm Hotels: Expanding consumer reach during the 2020 pandemic
Digital Marketing
CONCORDIA: engaging social media campaigns
Metaverse Builds
Marthaverse: a personalized educational haven for Martha Boeckenfeld's
Metaverse Builds
Sanitas: pioneering healthcare in the Metaverse
Metaverse Builds
Lalique: design concepts come to life in the Metaverse
Metaverse Builds
WEF 2023: with Tezos, CV Labs, TrustSwap & ArtMeta
Metaverse Builds
Credit Suisse: Metaverse build in Decentraland for sustainable impact
Events & Experiences
Metaverse Experiences: by Kuble and Metaverse Academy
Events & Experiences
Demonstrations & Workshops: Metaverse, AI, Web3 & NFT with Kuble and Metaverse Academy
Events & Experiences
Pokert (poke, retweet): poineering social media events
Events & Experiences
Employee Advocacy: the industry's first KOL event in Switzerland
Events & Experiences
Metaverse Leaders Summit 2023: first of its kind in Switzerland
AI, WEB3 & New Tech Implementation
PROXEUS: token launch awareness and growth campaign
AI, WEB3 & New Tech Implementation
Kuble Christmas Advent Calendar: a philanthropic NFT initiative
AI, WEB3 & New Tech Implementation
YouHodler: NFT creation, launch and marketing in Decentraland
AI, WEB3 & New Tech Implementation
Relai: 360 brand awareness campaign
AI, WEB3 & New Tech Implementation
ArtMeta: 360 Web3 marketing services
Education: Metaverse Academy
Education: Metaverse Academy
/ Case Studies

Swiss Life: engaging content and organic social media marketing

Client: Swiss Life

Challenge: Swiss Life, a prominent player in the insurance and financial services industry, sought to enhance its online presence and engagement through compelling content creation and effective organic social media marketing. The objective was to resonate with their target audience, strengthen brand loyalty, and establish Swiss Life as a trusted advisor in financial planning.

Solution: Kuble, a leading digital marketing agency, formulated a tailored strategy for Swiss Life, focusing on content creation and organic social media marketing. The approach involved understanding Swiss Life's brand identity, target audience, and industry nuances to craft engaging content that would resonate with the audience.

  • Audience-Centric Content Strategy: Kuble conducted a thorough analysis to comprehend the audience's preferences, pain points, and interests. Leveraging this insight, they devised a content strategy that emphasized delivering value through educational articles, infographics, and success stories, aligning with Swiss Life's expertise.
  • Strategic Organic Social Media Campaigns: Kuble meticulously curated and scheduled organic social media posts across relevant platforms, tailoring each post to align with Swiss Life's brand voice and appeal to their target audience. The team ensured consistency in messaging and branding to foster brand recognition and trust.


  • Significant Increase in Engagement: Kuble's strategic approach led to a notable surge in social media engagement for Swiss Life, resulting in increased likes, comments, and shares on their posts.
  • Enhanced Brand Visibility: Through engaging content and consistent social media presence, Swiss Life experienced heightened brand visibility and recognition within their industry and beyond.
  • Greater Audience Reach: Kuble's efforts resulted in a wider reach, effectively connecting Swiss Life with a broader audience interested in financial planning and insurance services.

Conclusion: By employing an audience-centric content strategy and implementing strategic organic social media campaigns, Kuble successfully positioned Swiss Life as a trusted authority within the insurance and financial services domain. The increased engagement, enhanced brand visibility, and wider audience reach testified to the effectiveness of Kuble's tailored approach, proving the power of content and strategic social media marketing in driving meaningful results for Swiss Life.

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Schenker Storen: sales-driven lead generation campaigns

Client: Schenker Storen

Challenge: In Summer 2023, Schenker Storen approached Kuble for support with advertising one of their new products, a high quality awning with integrated LED systems for summer evenings that stretch long into the night. The challenge here was limited information on who is a homeowner, whether they are in need of a new awning and whether they are the type to purchase this specific product.

Solution: By running a conversion driven campaign across multiple channels (Facebook, Instagram, Google Search, Pinterest, YouTube), potential customers had touchpoints with the new products on multiple channels. The campaign was driven by intent, with a highly defined audience based on search behavior, multi-faceted interests and sales points per audience. The creatives were adapted to typical client personas to highlight the best features of the product instantly.

Strategic Campaign Implementation:

  • The campaign was released in multiple languages across multiple channels to reach as many people as possible.
  • The platforms were chosen for a mix of performance, brand awareness and covering search intent for defined keywords and search terms that the other ads reinforced.

Conversion oriented measurement:

  • All channels had their own conversion tracking implemented which helped optimize each campaign for the end result. With the highly specific audience, narrow timeframe and defined interest, this led to the best results for each channel, using machine learning and platform algorithms to optimize campaigns for those users that convert.


  • Leads: 25+ sales leads with users indicating interest in the product and asking for a consultation.
  • Awareness: 2.75 million impressions generated, 16'000 clicks and 6500+ engaged users on the website.
  • Reusable content that shows the product from its best side, with content tailored to multiple personas and audiences.

Conclusion: High ticket items pose certain challenges when advertising them, as only a select number of people can afford them. Add to this seasonality and the long lifetime of something like an awning and the potential audience for a highly specialized product shrinks further. While this poses a challenge, a large timeframe enough for the activation, clean conversion tracking and clearly defined audiences that are intentionally set slightly broader can help reach the right people and increase word of mouth and long term interest in a product. Conversion optimization to help algorithms figure out connected audiences is also integral, as manual optimization does not allow for in-depth analysis of behaviors.

/ Case Studies

Kronenhof & Kulm Hotels: Expanding consumer reach during the 2020 pandemic

Client: Kronenhof & Kulm

Challenge: The hospitality industry faced an unparalleled challenge during the 2020 pandemic: converting their traditional customer base in the midst of a global crisis. Kronenhof & Kulm partnered with us to navigate this challenge, seeking to engage new customer segments - those interested in travel opportunities to Switzerland and those opting for a relaxing staycation closer to home.

Solution: Leveraging our hyper-focused retargeting strategy and a meticulous social media marketing approach, we strategically guided Kronenhof & Kulm to connect with these fresh customer bases, steering their marketing efforts effectively during a challenging period.

Strategic Instagram Approach:

  • Crafted 37 meticulously curated posts, 42 engaging stories, and 7 captivating reels, resulting in an impressive follower increase of over 11k for both hotels.
  • Achieved an estimated reach of approximately 700k users and drove over 3500 high-quality website visits, emphasizing the success of the approach.

Impactful Facebook Strategy:

  • Executed a top-of-the-funnel awareness marketing strategy with 47 engaging posts and 7 compelling videos.
  • Garnered a reach of 1.72 million impressions and a remarkable 82k engagements, further enhancing brand visibility and engagement.


  • Significant Increase in Follower Base: Our meticulous approach led to a substantial increase in followers, amplifying the hotels' online presence.
  • Enhanced Website Traffic: The strategic implementation resulted in a notable surge in website visits, indicating heightened interest and engagement.
  • Boosted Brand Awareness: The comprehensive strategy significantly augmented brand visibility, positioning Kronenhof & Kulm as enticing destinations for both travel enthusiasts and staycation seekers.

Conclusion: Kronenhof & Kulm's collaboration with us and our strategic implementation of hyper-focused retargeting and engaging social media campaigns yielded remarkable results amidst the pandemic. The increased follower base, enhanced website traffic, and amplified brand awareness demonstrated the effectiveness of our tailored approach. By steering a successful digital campaign, we showcased the resilience and adaptability of digital marketing even in challenging times, providing valuable insights for the future of the hospitality industry.

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CONCORDIA: engaging social media campaigns

Client: CONCORDIA Swiss Health and Accident Insurance

Challenge: Kuble has served as a long partner for CONCORDIA’s Social Media Campaigns. The challenges lay in managing comprehensive campaign activities across Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, aiming for a significant increase in visitors, impressions, lead generated, and efficient activation strategies.

Solution: Leveraging our extensive experience and expertise, Kuble meticulously managed CONCORDIA’s Social Media Campaigns. Our strategies were designed to optimise for high-quality visitors, lead generation, brand awareness and user engagement across Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn platforms.

Impactful Facebook and Instagram Campaigns:

  • Achieved over 21m impressions and generated valuable leads above expected targets, showcasing the efficacy of our strategic approach.

Strategic LinkedIn Campaigns:

  • Orchestrated a total of 90 well-crafted campaigns, garnering an impressive 572K+ impressions on LinkedIn.

Diverse Activation Strategies:

  • Regular activations included ticket giveaways for championship sports events, family-oriented festivals, shows, and informative health-related content catering to all age groups.

Proficiency in Annual Marketing Activation Campaigns:

  • Demonstrated expertise in CONCORDIA’s Annual Marketing Activation Campaigns, emphasising 'nationwide coverage with regional highlights' for optimal ad impact.


  • Enhanced Brand Visibility: The strategic campaigns led to a substantial increase in impressions, brand reach and on-platform engagement.
  • Efficient Multi-Lingual Strategies: Delivering content and strategies in German, French, and Italian, optimising engagement and resonance across diverse regions within Switzerland.
  • Exceptional Engagement Rates: The 2022 campaigns achieved outstanding results, including almost 8M impressions in a single month, and notable engagement rates.

Conclusion: Kuble's continuous partnership with CONCORDIA in managing and executing engaging Social Media Campaigns has showcased our expertise in driving substantial increases in visitors, impressions, generated leads, and effective activation strategies. Our commitment to delivering diverse and multi-lingual campaigns underscores our dedication to reaching a broad and varied audience. The exceptional results achieved in 2022 validate the success of our strategic approach and affirm our role as a trusted partner for CONCORDIA in their digital campaigns.

/ Case Studies

Marthaverse: a personalized educational haven for Martha Boeckenfeld's

Client: Martha Boeckenfeld

Platform: Personal Marthaverse

Challenge: Martha Boeckenfeld, a prominent Metaverse Evangelista and Dean & Partner of the Metaverse Academy, approached Kuble to bring her vision of an educational and immersive Marthaverse to life. The challenge was to create a personalized metaverse that reflects Martha's passion for education, connectivity, and environmental experiences while promoting women in web3, diversity, and inclusion.

Solution: Kuble closely collaborated with Martha Boeckenfeld to design and develop a unique Marthaverse that embodies her ideals of immersive educational experiences and inclusivity.

Reflecting Passion for Education:

  • Incorporated elements that reflect Martha's personal style and profound passion for education and learning, ensuring the Marthaverse provides an enriching experience for visitors.
  • Designed interactive educational spaces within the Marthaverse to promote exploration and knowledge sharing.

Creating an Immersive Environment:

  • Ensured the Marthaverse is an immersive and inviting space, encouraging users to delve into a world that inspires and nurtures personal growth.
  • Utilized cutting-edge technology to make the environment engaging and interactive, allowing visitors to truly feel connected to the space.

Championing Diversity and Inclusion:

  • Integrated features and initiatives that promote womeninweb3, diversity, and inclusion within the Marthaverse, aligning with Martha's advocacy for a diverse metaverse community.
  • Created spaces and events that foster dialogue and collaboration among individuals from different backgrounds and experiences.


  • Educational Oasis: Martha Boeckenfeld's Marthaverse successfully encapsulated her passion for education, offering an immersive and educational oasis for visitors to explore and learn within a metaverse environment.
  • Inclusivity and Inspiration: The Marthaverse became a beacon of inclusivity, inspiring visitors to connect with their inner selves, fostering collaboration, and embracing diversity and inclusion.
  • Advocacy for Women Web3: Martha's Marthaverse effectively promoted women in web3, emphasizing the importance of gender diversity in the digital realm and encouraging more women to participate and lead in the web3 space.

Conclusion: Kuble's collaboration with Martha Boeckenfeld in crafting her personal Marthaverse underscores our dedication to translating individual visions into immersive and meaningful metaverse experiences. The Marthaverse embodies Martha's passion for education and inclusivity, serving as a testament to the potential of the metaverse in promoting personal growth, collaboration, and advocacy for diverse and inclusive spaces. Martha's Marthaverse stands as a unique and inspiring corner of the metaverse, inviting individuals to connect, learn, and grow in a space designed to resonate with their souls.

/ Case Studies

Sanitas: pioneering healthcare in the Metaverse

Client: Sanitas Health Insurance

Platform: Spatial.io

Visit this space!

Challenge: Sanitas Health Insurance, a pioneer in healthcare, aimed to establish its presence in the metaverse, pioneering a new dimension of interaction and engagement with its audience. They sought to create a virtual Experience Space that not only showcased their brand and services but also provided an innovative and interactive way for visitors to explore health-related topics.

Solution: Kuble, a digital, metaverse, and web3 agency, collaborated with Sanitas to design an immersive Experience Space within the metaverse.

Immersive Brand Experience:

  • Designed an interactive space within the metaverse, providing an immersive brand experience for Sanitas.
  • Incorporated elements related to health insurance, health, and health promotion, all presented in a playful and interactive manner.

Innovative Interactivity:

  • Integrated Alva, Sanitas' digital health assistant, to guide and welcome visitors within the metaverse.
  • Created interactive zones, including a media area displaying the Sanitas Health Forecast as a 3D book, a nutrition game based on the Swiss food pyramid, and fitness exercises demonstrated by avatars.

Nature-Inspired Futuristic Design:

  • Emphasized a futuristic yet nature-inspired design to maintain a consistent brand experience that aligns with Sanitas' values of innovation and partnership.
  • Crafted the design on the spatial.io platform, ensuring adaptability to VR glasses, desktops, or mobile apps.


  • Pioneering Presence in the Metaverse: Sanitas became the first health insurance company in Switzerland to establish a presence in the metaverse, marking a significant milestone in the healthcare industry.
  • Engaging and Educational Experience: The Experience Space provided an engaging and educational journey for visitors, enabling them to explore various health-related aspects in an interactive and entertaining manner.
  • Fostering Consistent Brand Image: The metaverse design effectively maintained Sanitas' branding while embracing a futuristic and nature-inspired theme, contributing to a consistent brand image.
  • Nomination at Swiss Insurance Innovation Awards: to be held November 2023.

Conclusion:Kuble's collaboration with Sanitas in building their metaverse Experience Space exemplifies our capability to merge innovative design with interactive technologies. By crafting an immersive and interactive environment, we successfully enabled Sanitas to establish a pioneering presence in the metaverse, showcasing their commitment to innovation and partnership. The project not only achieved the desired brand engagement but also served as a stepping stone for future events and consultations within the metaverse. Sanitas' proactive approach and Kuble's expertise proved to be a synergistic partnership, delivering a remarkable and forward-thinking metaverse experience.

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Lalique: design concepts come to life in the Metaverse

Client: Lalique

Platform: Spatial.io

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Challenge: Lalique, a luxury goods company, aimed to introduce its latest collection to target audiences in a distinctive and engaging manner. They sought a virtual staging in the metaverse that would provide an immersive and playful showroom experience, reflecting the essence of their brand and enticing visitors to explore their offerings.

Solution: Kuble, a digital, metaverse, and web3 agency, collaborated with Lalique to design and launch a captivating virtual showroom in the metaverse.

Immersive Showcase of Luxury:

  • Created a virtual showroom resembling an art exhibition within the metaverse, immersing visitors in the heart of nature and the natural habitats of animals.
  • Engineered the environment to enable visitors to interact with the virtual surroundings, resembling a real-life wilderness experience.

Engagement-driven Exploration:

  • Encouraged visitors to explore Lalique's products within the metaverse, offering insights into the designs and the inspiration behind each piece, having the story come to life.
  • Incentivized engagement by providing a chance to win a prize, enhancing the overall user experience and promoting active participation.

Merging Tradition and Technology:

  • Seamlessly integrated the metaverse experience with Lalique's digital strategy.
  • Positioned Lalique as a digitally innovative company, blending the rich tradition of luxury goods with the latest advancements in technology and digital innovation.


  • Immersive Luxury Experience: The virtual showroom successfully provided an immersive and playful luxury experience for visitors, allowing them to explore Lalique's latest collection within a captivating metaverse environment.
  • Enhanced Brand Image: Lalique positioned itself as a digitally innovative brand, effectively blending traditional luxury with cutting-edge technology, showcasing a forward-thinking approach.
  • Audience Engagement and Interaction: The integration of interactive elements and the chance to win a prize incentivized visitors to engage deeply with Lalique's products and brand story.

Conclusion: Kuble's collaboration with Lalique in crafting their metaverse virtual showroom demonstrates our expertise in seamlessly blending luxury, tradition, and technology. By creating an immersive experience that mirrors the brand's essence, we successfully enabled Lalique to engage their target audience in an interactive and exciting metaverse journey. The project showcased how the metaverse can be a powerful platform for luxury brands to position themselves as digitally innovative while preserving their core values and heritage. Lalique's commitment to leveraging blockchain, NFTs, and the metaverse as integral components of their digital strategy showcases the future-forward direction of luxury brands, and Kuble is proud to have played a significant role in this transformative digital journey.

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WEF 2023: with Tezos, CV Labs, TrustSwap & ArtMeta

Client: ArtMeta, Tezos, CV Labs, and TrustSwap

Platform: Spatial.io

Challenge: Kuble was tasked with creating an engaging and informative virtual environment during the World Economic Forum (WEF) held in Davos in January 2023. The challenge was to host live programs with prominent speakers, discussions, and art lectures in a virtual setting accessible to a global audience, offering an immersive experience and showcasing the developments of partner companies ArtMeta, Tezos, CV Labs, and TrustSwap.

Solution: Leveraging Spatial.io, Kuble designed dedicated virtual rooms for each partner company involved, providing a platform for them to present and discuss their exciting developments. The goal was to create an interactive and immersive environment that could be accessed globally, enabling participants to join the WEF live program from anywhere in the world.

Design and Development of Dedicated Rooms:

  • Created dedicated virtual rooms on Spatial.io for partner companies - ArtMeta, Tezos, CV Labs, and TrustSwap - to showcase their respective developments and projects.
  • Ensured each room was meticulously designed to provide an engaging and informative experience for visitors.

Hosting a Dynamic Live Program:

  • Hosted a live daily program during WEF featuring prominent speakers, interviews, panel discussions, and art lectures, accessible to a global audience.
  • Curated the program to provide valuable insights and updates on the latest advancements in the metaverse and blockchain space.

Integration of Interactive Events and Draws:

  • Integrated interactive events such as the VERI POAP NFT of ArtMeta's OCAM metaverse museum, incentivizing participation and engagement from attendees.
  • Organized draws where participants had the chance to win NFT artwork from a featured objkt.com artist, enhancing the overall interactive experience.


  • Global Engagement: Kuble's Metaverse Builds on Spatial.io successfully enabled global participation in the WEF live program, reaching a diverse audience interested in metaverse advancements and developments.
  • Interactive and Informative Experience: The integrated interactive events and draws ensured an engaging and informative experience for attendees, encouraging active participation and exploration.
  • Promoting Partner Companies: The dedicated rooms for ArtMeta, Tezos, CV Labs, and TrustSwap effectively showcased the innovative developments of partner companies, promoting their projects on a global stage.

Conclusion: Kuble's Metaverse Builds for WEF 2023 in Davos exemplify our ability to create immersive virtual environments that facilitate global engagement and interaction. The utilization of Spatial.io allowed us to host a dynamic live program during WEF, providing a unique platform for partner companies to present their latest developments. The success of this initiative highlights the potential of the metaverse in fostering collaboration, innovation, and informative exchange on a global scale.

/ Case Studies

Credit Suisse: Metaverse build in Decentraland for sustainable impact

Client: Credit Suisse

Platform: Decentraland

Challenge: Credit Suisse, a leading financial institution committed to sustainability, envisioned a unique approach to convey their philanthropic mission of "Life below water" through a Metaverse experience. The challenge was to create an engaging digital space within Decentraland that aligns with their sustainability goals, educating participants about ocean cleanup efforts and promoting their commitment to sustainable development.

Solution: Leveraging its expertise in Metaverse Builds, Kuble crafted an immersive experience in Decentraland that seamlessly blended education, gamification, and digital wearables to create an underwater landscape. The goal was to inspire participants to learn about ocean conservation in an engaging and interactive manner.

Designing the Underwater Landscape:

  • Collaborated closely with Credit Suisse to conceptualize and design a captivating underwater landscape within Decentraland.
  • Ensured the landscape was in alignment with the company's philanthropic mission of ocean cleanup and sustainable development goal "Life below water."

Education Content Integration:

  • Developed and integrated educational content within the underwater landscape to inform participants about ocean cleanup efforts and Credit Suisse's involvement in sustainable initiatives.
  • Provided a platform for users to learn about the significance of a sustainable ocean ecosystem.

Gamification and Digital Wearables:

  • Incorporated gamification elements to enhance engagement, encouraging participants to actively explore and interact with the underwater environment.
  • Designed digital wearables for avatars, enabling participants to symbolize their commitment to ocean conservation within the Metaverse.


  • Immersive Learning Experience: Credit Suisse's Metaverse Build facilitated an immersive learning experience, effectively conveying the importance of ocean cleanup and sustainability in an engaging digital environment.
  • Positive Engagement: Participants were highly engaged with the gamified elements and digital wearables, reflecting the success of the interactive approach in conveying the sustainability message.
  • Promoting Sustainable Goals: The underwater landscape showcased Credit Suisse's dedication to their sustainable development goal "Life below water," promoting their philanthropic efforts to a broader audience.

Conclusion: Kuble's Metaverse Build for Credit Suisse in Decentraland stood as a testament to our capability to merge sustainability objectives with innovative technology. The project highlighted the potential of the Metaverse in promoting education and engagement regarding vital global issues. By effectively conveying Credit Suisse's sustainable mission through an interactive underwater landscape, we demonstrated the transformative power of the Metaverse in supporting meaningful causes and fostering a culture of sustainability.

/ Case Studies

Metaverse Experiences: by Kuble and Metaverse Academy

Kuble Education Initiative x Metaverse Academy

Challenge: Kuble, in collaboration with Metaverse Academy, set out to revolutionize engagement through Metaverse Experiences, creating interactive and entertaining sessions for groups ranging from 5 to 20 people. The challenge was to craft immersive Metaverse Experiences that offered a deep dive into metaverse theories, platform walkthroughs, and custom-designed VR experiences, tailored to each client's chosen topic.

Solution: Leveraging the expertise of Kuble and Metaverse Academy, a unique approach was developed to provide participants with an engaging and enjoyable immersive experience in the metaverse.

  • Interactive and Entertaining Metaverse Experiences:
  • Designed engaging and interactive Metaverse Experiences that captivated participants, enabling them to explore metaverse theories and platform walkthroughs.
  • Ensured a dynamic and entertaining engagement that encouraged active participation and curiosity about the metaverse.
  • Custom-Designed VR Experiences:
  • Created custom-designed VR experiences, tailored to each client's specific topic of interest, enhancing the immersive aspect of the event.
  • Allowed participants to delve deeply into the chosen topic and experience it in an entirely new dimension.
  • Enjoyable Apero and Networking:
  • Enhanced the experience by incorporating an enjoyable Apero, providing a relaxed and social atmosphere for participants to network and discuss the event.
  • The Apero encouraged a sense of community and bonding among the participants, fostering a positive and memorable experience.


  • Enhanced Engagement: Kuble and Metaverse Academy's tailored Metaverse Experiences successfully enhanced engagement, leaving a lasting impact on participants, who found the sessions both entertaining and informative.
  • Broad Clientele: Several renowned companies, including Migros, SportXX, AXA, Lalique, Helvetia, SUVA, FH Bern, Medicongress, Hotelplan, Julius Bär, Artmeta, Swiss Life, UBS, Credit Suisse, Bayer, SBB, and GLP, have leveraged this service, reflecting its broad appeal and relevance across diverse industries.
  • Ideal for Team-Building: The Metaverse Experiences emerged as an ideal platform for engaging team-building events, providing a unique and entertaining opportunity for employees to come together and interact.

Conclusion: Kuble and Metaverse Academy's collaboration in curating Metaverse Experiences redefined engagement in the digital landscape. The successful integration of interactive experiences, custom-designed VR immersion, and enjoyable networking opportunities showcased the potential of the metaverse in engaging and entertaining participants. The diverse range of clients adopting this service underscores its broad applicability and the growing interest in leveraging metaverse technologies for immersive team-building and engagement events.

/ Case Studies

Demonstrations & Workshops: Metaverse, AI, Web3 & NFT with Kuble and Metaverse Academy

Kuble Education Initiative x Metaverse Academy

Challenge: Kuble, in collaboration with Metaverse Academy, embarked on a mission to showcase the potential and applications of cutting-edge technologies, including the Metaverse, AI, Web3, and NFTs. The challenge was to provide tailored demonstrations and workshops for various companies, demonstrating the immense possibilities of these technologies based on their unique needs.

Solution: Leveraging its extensive expertise and in collaboration with Metaverse Academy, Kuble planned and executed a series of demonstrations and workshops. The focus was to illustrate how these technologies could be practically applied, fostering a deeper understanding among diverse companies.

Strategic Planning and Customization:

  • Conducted detailed consultations with each company, understanding their specific needs and technological requirements.
  • Devised tailored demonstrations and workshops to showcase the potential and applications of the Metaverse, AI, Web3, and NFTs, aligning with each company's objectives.

Diverse Range of Technologies:

  • Demonstrated a wide array of cutting-edge technologies, including the Metaverse, AI, Web3, and NFTs, allowing companies to witness firsthand the transformative potential of these tools.

In-Person and Virtual Experiences:

  • Facilitated both in-person and virtual experiences, ensuring accessibility and convenience for participants regardless of their location.
  • Utilized interactive sessions and immersive demonstrations to engage participants and provide them with a hands-on experience of the showcased technologies.


  • Tailored Demonstrations: Kuble's tailored demonstrations allowed companies to witness the direct application of cutting-edge technologies, empowering them to envision how these tools could be integrated into their operations.
  • Enhanced Technological Understanding: The demonstrations and workshops significantly enhanced the companies' understanding of the Metaverse, AI, Web3, and NFTs, encouraging further exploration and adoption.
  • Diverse Company Participation: Companies including UBS, Credit Suisse, PET Recycling, Endress & Hauser, FHGR, Flughafen Zürich, and HWZ engaged with these demonstrations and workshops, showcasing the broad applicability and interest in these technologies.

Conclusion: Kuble's collaboration with Metaverse Academy in organizing demonstrations and workshops for the Metaverse, AI, Web3, and NFTs successfully showcased the transformative potential of these technologies. By customizing experiences based on individual company requirements, we facilitated a deeper understanding and adoption of cutting-edge tech tools. The active participation of various companies underlines the significant interest and potential for integrating these technologies into their operations, setting the stage for a more technologically advanced future.

/ Case Studies

Pokert (poke, retweet): poineering social media events

Kuble Initiative

Challenge: Kuble embarked on an extraordinary decade-long journey from 2010 to 2020, tasked with planning and executing 15 pioneering social media parties for Pokert (poke, retweet) in Zurich. The challenge was to not only create engaging events integrating social media, live streaming, and product launches but also to involve Switzerland's thought leaders, presenting the latest developments in their respective fields.

Solution: Leveraging its comprehensive event organization capabilities, Kuble meticulously planned and executed the Pokert (poke, retweet) events. Each event was designed to be an immersive experience, blending the power of social media, live streaming, product launches, and insights from Switzerland's thought leaders.

Strategic Planning and Conceptualization:

  • Conducted thorough strategic planning sessions to align event objectives with client goals, incorporating the involvement of thought leaders.
  • Conceptualized engaging event formats that seamlessly integrated social media, live streaming, and product launches while featuring thought leaders and their insights.

Engaging Social Media Parties with Thought Leaders:

  • Orchestrated 15 vibrant social media parties with an average of 300 attendees per event, where Switzerland's thought leaders were an integral part.
  • Integrated thought leaders to present the latest developments in their fields, sparking meaningful discussions and networking opportunities.

Showcasing Innovative Solutions:

  • Utilized the events as a platform to promote Kuble's innovative social media livestreaming commentary solution, captivating the audience with interactive experiences.
  • Introduced new tech product launches over the years, leveraging the engaged audience and insights from thought leaders to generate excitement and interest.


  • Successful Event Series with Thought Leaders: The series of 15 Pokert (poke, retweet) social media parties featuring Switzerland's thought leaders were a resounding success, demonstrating Kuble's ability to create engaging events while integrating expert insights.
  • Amplified Brand Visibility: The events significantly elevated Kuble's brand visibility, positioning the agency as an innovative thought leader in the digital marketing space.
  • Technology Showcase and Expert Insights: The events effectively showcased Kuble's cutting-edge social media livestreaming commentary solution and introduced new tech products, complemented by thought leaders presenting the latest advancements in their respective fields.

Conclusion: Kuble's remarkable decade-long journey of planning and executing 15 Pokert (poke, retweet) social media parties, featuring Switzerland's thought leaders, stands as a testament to our exceptional event organization capabilities. By seamlessly integrating social media, live streaming, product launches, and expert insights, we created immersive events that captivated the audience and propelled Kuble to the forefront of the digital marketing landscape. The success of these events showcased our commitment to innovation, thought leadership, and delivering impactful, technology-driven experiences.

/ Case Studies

Employee Advocacy: the industry's first KOL event in Switzerland

Kuble Initiative

Challenge: In 2019, Kuble faced the exciting challenge of conceptualizing and organizing an unprecedented event - the Employee Advocacy Event, a gathering of 150 Swiss thought leaders. This groundbreaking event aimed to pioneer thought leadership and elevate Kuble's standing as a leader in the digital marketing space.

Solution: Kuble employed its 360 event organization capabilities to bring the Employee Advocacy Event to fruition, marking it as the first of its kind in Switzerland. The inception of this innovative event began with the creation of a magazine by Kuble, which acted as a blueprint for thought leadership, specifically focusing on employee advocacy. This initiative expanded Kuble's expertise, adding leader development as a core competency.

Strategic Planning and Conceptualization:

  • Conducted strategic planning sessions to define the event's objectives and align them with the client's vision.
  • Ideated and conceptualized a thought-provoking event format to engage 150 Swiss thought leaders, integrating the concept of employee advocacy.

Innovative Magazine as a Blueprint:

  • Created ‘Influencer World’, a magazine that served as a comprehensive guide and blueprint for thought leadership, emphasizing employee advocacy.
  • The magazine laid the groundwork for the event, presenting key concepts and nurturing discussions around thought leadership.

Thought Leadership Event Execution:

  • Orchestrated the Employee Advocacy Event, bringing together 150 thought leaders to engage in insightful discussions and collaborative activities.
  • Utilized various event elements such as panel discussions, interactive workshops, and keynote sessions, providing a 360-degree view of thought leadership and employee advocacy.


  • Successful Event Execution: Kuble's meticulous planning and execution resulted in a highly successful event, bringing together 150 thought leaders in a groundbreaking discussion on employee advocacy and thought leadership.
  • Expansion of Core Competencies: The event led to the enhancement of Kuble's core competencies, specifically in leader development, establishing the agency as a thought leader in the digital marketing space.
  • Nurturing Thought Leadership: The event facilitated meaningful dialogues, nurtured thought leadership, and provided a platform for networking and collaboration among the thought leaders.

Conclusion: Kuble's expertise in 360 event organization was instrumental in orchestrating the Employee Advocacy Event 2019, a groundbreaking initiative that fostered thought leadership and employee advocacy discussions. By conceptualizing and executing this pioneering event, Kuble showcased its dedication to advancing thought leadership within the Swiss digital marketing landscape, solidifying its position as an industry leader with a keen focus on leader development.

/ Case Studies

Metaverse Leaders Summit 2023: first of its kind in Switzerland

Kuble  Initiative x Metaverse Academy

Challenge: Kuble together with Metaverse Academy organized the highly anticipated Metaverse Leaders Summit 2023. Collaborating with SAMBA (Swiss Association for MBAs), the challenge was to host a pioneering event that would bring together industry leaders, experts, and enthusiasts to delve into the metaverse's future.

Solution: Leveraging our expertise in event organization and digital marketing, Kuble meticulously planned and executed the Metaverse Leaders Summit 2023. The objective was to facilitate engaging discussions, knowledge sharing, and networking among the 300 participants and 40 prominent speakers from esteemed organizations like Meta, Roblox, Sandbox, Microsoft, HSBC, AXA, Inacta, and IBM.

Strategic Planning and Coordination:

  • Conducted detailed planning sessions to align event objectives with client expectations, ensuring seamless execution.
  • Collaborated with SAMBA and Metaverse Academy to define the event's theme, agenda, and target audience, laying a strong foundation.

Speaker and Contributor Coordination:

  • Engaged with 40 distinguished speakers and contributors, including representatives from leading global corporations and metaverse pioneers.
  • Ensured a diverse range of topics, perspectives, and expertise to captivate the audience and spark insightful discussions.

Immersive Digital Experience:

  • Integrated innovative digital solutions to provide an immersive experience to both physical and virtual attendees.
  • Leveraged VR technology, interactive panels, and real-time Q&A sessions to enhance engagement and interactivity.


  • Successful Collaboration: The collaboration between Kuble, SAMBA, and Metaverse Academy resulted in a pioneering event that exceeded expectations.
  • Diverse Participation: The event witnessed active participation from 300 attendees, including industry leaders, experts, and enthusiasts, fostering meaningful conversations and networking opportunities.
  • Global Insights: The summit showcased a lineup of esteemed speakers, offering diverse perspectives and insights into the evolving metaverse landscape.

Conclusion: Kuble's exceptional capabilities in event organization were evident in the successful execution of the Metaverse Leaders Summit 2023. By leveraging our expertise, fostering collaboration, and embracing innovative digital solutions, we brought together industry thought leaders and engaged a global audience. The summit achieved its goals of sparking insightful discussions and establishing the metaverse as a focal point for future industry growth and innovation.


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PROXEUS: token launch awareness and growth campaign

Client: Proxeus

Challenge: PROXEUS, a leading blockchain solution provider, faced the significant challenge of launching successful Initial Coin Offerings (ICO), Token Generation Events (TGE), and promoting their token effectively in a highly competitive crypto landscape. They sought a strategic digital marketing partner to drive awareness, engagement, and investments into their token offerings.

Solution: Kuble, a proficient digital marketing agency, rose to the challenge and implemented a strategic and holistic approach to achieve the desired outcomes for PROXEUS.

Strategic Planning:

  • Conducted in-depth market analysis and competitor research to tailor a comprehensive strategy for the ICO, TGE, and token marketing campaigns.

ICO & TGE Execution:

  • Orchestrated and managed the successful ICO and TGE, ensuring seamless processes, secure transactions, and compliance with regulations.

Token Awareness Campaigns:

  • Developed and executed extensive token awareness campaigns, utilizing a mix of digital marketing channels including social media, targeted advertising, content marketing, and influencer partnerships to reach a broad and relevant audience.

Engagement & Community Building:

  • Actively engaged with the crypto community through social media platforms, forums, and industry events, fostering a strong and enthusiastic community around the PROXEUS token.

Education & Information Dissemination:

  • Created educational content to inform potential investors about the intricacies of the token, its benefits, and the technology behind it. This empowered investors to make informed decisions.


  • Successful Fundraising: Kuble's strategic marketing efforts played a pivotal role in attracting a significant number of investors, leading to a successful ICO and TGE for PROXEUS, raising substantial funds for their blockchain projects.
  • Increased Token Value: Through targeted marketing and community engagement, Kuble successfully contributed to driving up the value and demand for the PROXEUS token in the market.
  • Growing Community: Kuble's community engagement efforts resulted in a substantial increase in the PROXEUS community, building a network of passionate supporters and potential users.

Conclusion: Kuble's strategic planning, execution, and targeted marketing campaigns demonstrated their proficiency in token marketing. Through a comprehensive approach encompassing ICO, TGE, and ongoing token awareness efforts, Kuble played a pivotal role in the success of PROXEUS, showcasing the agency's ability to drive awareness and engagement in the highly competitive world of cryptocurrency. Their expertise in blockchain marketing continues to be a significant asset for projects seeking to thrive and succeed in the crypto landscape.

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Kuble Christmas Advent Calendar: a philanthropic NFT initiative

Kuble Initiative: Kuble Advent Calendar

Challenge: In the spirit of giving during the Christmas season, Kuble, a forward-thinking digital marketing agency, sought to create a unique and impactful way to engage the community while contributing to a meaningful cause. The challenge was to design an innovative and interactive initiative that merged the essence of Christmas, NFTs, and philanthropy seamlessly.

Solution: Kuble devised a multifaceted approach to bring this concept to life, leveraging NFT creation and marketing in an innovative and engaging manner.


  • Conceptualized the Kuble Advent Calendar, a digital representation of the traditional advent calendar, where each day leading up to Christmas, a new NFT would be revealed, fostering excitement and anticipation within the community.

NFT Creation:

  • Crafted a diverse array of NFTs, ensuring each day's NFT was unique, engaging, and tied to the festive season. These NFTs ranged from digital art to interactive experiences, aligning with the holiday theme.

Custom Minting Site:

  • Developed a custom minting site, streamlining the process of minting and managing the NFTs associated with the Advent Calendar. The site allowed for seamless access and engagement with the NFTs.

Virtual Christmas Environment:

  • Created an interactive Christmas-themed environment in Spatial, providing a virtual space where the daily rotating NFTs were displayed based on the date, adding an immersive and enjoyable dimension to the initiative.

Charitable Component:

  • Aligned the initiative with a charitable cause, donating the proceeds from the NFT sales to Oceancare.org, reinforcing the spirit of giving during the holiday season.


  • Community Engagement: The Kuble Advent Calendar garnered significant attention and engagement within the community, fostering excitement and participation as each day revealed a new, enticing NFT.
  • Philanthropic Impact: The charitable aspect of the initiative further heightened its success, allowing Kuble to contribute to Oceancare.org, making a positive difference during the holiday season.
  • Innovative Approach: The use of NFTs in a Christmas-themed initiative demonstrated Kuble's ability to merge creativity, technology, and philanthropy, showcasing an innovative and novel approach to engaging the community.

Conclusion: Kuble's Christmas Advent Calendar was a resounding success, showcasing the agency's capability to infuse innovation, technology, and a spirit of giving into a unique NFT creation and marketing initiative. The project illustrated the potential of NFTs to create engaging experiences while contributing to charitable causes. Kuble's expertise in leveraging NFTs for meaningful campaigns was instrumental in achieving a successful and impactful outcome during the festive season.

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YouHodler: NFT creation, launch and marketing in Decentraland

Client: YouHodler

Services Provided: NFT Design, Minting, and Open Marketplace Strategy

Challenge: YouHodler, a prominent player in the cryptocurrency lending sphere, aimed to leverage the rising wave of NFTs to enhance brand engagement and loyalty. The challenge was to create captivating NFTs that align with YouHodler's brand identity and resonate with the cryptocurrency community.

Solution: Kuble, a leading digital marketing agency well-versed in NFT strategies, devised a tailored approach to NFT creation and marketing for YouHodler.

NFT Design:

  • Collaborated with YouHodler to design distinctive and aesthetically appealing NFTs, including the creation of logo-based NFTs and wearables.

Minting on Decentraland:

  • Minted the designed NFTs on Decentraland, a prominent virtual reality platform, ensuring a seamless integration of YouHodler's brand into the metaverse.

Optimizing for the Open Marketplace:

  • Positioned the minted NFTs strategically on the open marketplace, maximizing visibility and accessibility to potential collectors and enthusiasts.


  • Enhanced Brand Engagement: YouHodler's NFTs garnered significant attention within the cryptocurrency community, enhancing brand engagement and fostering a sense of exclusivity among the audience.
  • Increased Visibility in the Metaverse: Minting and showcasing NFTs within Decentraland provided YouHodler with an effective means to establish a strong presence in the metaverse, a growing hub for cryptocurrency enthusiasts.
  • Successful Integration with the Open Marketplace: By strategically positioning the NFTs on the open marketplace, Kuble facilitated YouHodler in tapping into a broader audience and potential collectors.

Conclusion: Kuble's NFT creation and marketing services successfully propelled YouHodler into the burgeoning realm of NFTs. The collaboration highlighted Kuble's proficiency in not only designing captivating NFTs but also strategically positioning them within the metaverse and the open marketplace. The project showcased the potential of NFTs in elevating brand engagement and establishing a unique brand identity within the cryptocurrency space. Kuble's expertise in NFT strategies played a vital role in driving the success of YouHodler's venture into the NFT ecosystem.

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Relai: 360 brand awareness campaign

Client: Relai

Services Provided: Content Creation, Display Ads on Brave, Influencer Marketing, Live Streams, Community Building

Challenge: Relai, a pioneer in the cryptocurrency investment space, aimed to amplify its brand awareness, drive user engagement, and ultimately increase app downloads. The challenge was to penetrate a competitive market and position Relai as a trusted platform for cryptocurrency investments.

Solution: Kuble, an innovative digital marketing agency, devised a strategic 360 Web3 Marketing approach tailored to Relai's requirements.

Compelling Content Creation:

  • Created engaging and informative content that showcased Relai's unique value proposition, simplifying cryptocurrency investments for a broader audience.

Strategic Display Ads on Brave:

  • Leveraged the Brave browser's privacy-focused advertising platform to reach a tech-savvy audience interested in cryptocurrencies, maximizing visibility for Relai.

Influencer Marketing Campaigns:

  • Collaborated with relevant influencers in the cryptocurrency and finance niche to promote Relai, tapping into their dedicated followers and enhancing brand credibility.

Engaging Live Streams:

  • Hosted live streams to provide real-time insights, tips, and updates on cryptocurrency investments, fostering interaction and engagement with the audience.

Building a Vibrant Community:

  • Implemented community-building strategies to create a sense of belonging and engagement among cryptocurrency enthusiasts, promoting discussions and knowledge sharing.


  • Enhanced Brand Awareness: Kuble's targeted content creation and influencer marketing significantly bolstered Relai's brand visibility within the cryptocurrency market.
  • Optimized User Acquisition: Strategic display ads on Brave effectively directed potential users to download the Relai app, improving user acquisition and conversion rates.
  • Increased Engagement: Engaging live streams and active community engagement contributed to a substantial increase in user interactions and overall engagement.

Conclusion: Kuble's 360 Web3 Marketing services successfully propelled Relai's brand awareness and user engagement within the competitive cryptocurrency investment landscape. By harnessing the power of content creation, strategic display ads, influencer partnerships, live streams, and community building, Kuble demonstrated its expertise in navigating the dynamic and evolving realm of Web3. The collaboration between Kuble and Relai showcased the potential of a holistic marketing approach in achieving a surge in brand recognition, user acquisition, and engagement in the rapidly evolving world of cryptocurrencies.

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ArtMeta: 360 Web3 marketing services

Client: ArtMeta

Services: Strategy, Branding, Website Development, Content Creation & Social Media Marketing, Community Building, Event Planning & Execution, Partner Relations, ICO Campaign & Token Launch, POAP Creation, NFT Launches

Challenge: ArtMeta, an emerging player in the metaverse, sought to solidify its brand presence, engage a broader audience, and successfully launch their ICO campaign and subsequent token on multiple exchanges. They needed a comprehensive strategy that would encompass branding, digital presence, community engagement, and a successful token launch.

Solution: Kuble, a dynamic digital marketing agency, tailored a 360 Web3 Marketing strategy to address ArtMeta's specific needs.

Comprehensive Rebranding:

  • Conducted an in-depth analysis and executed a comprehensive company rebrand, crafting a new logo, brand guidelines, and style guide to ensure a cohesive and modern brand identity.

State-of-the-Art Website:

  • Designed and developed a cutting-edge website, providing ArtMeta with a professional online platform that mirrored their innovative approach and showcased their offerings effectively.

Strategic Fundraising and Token Launch:

  • Orchestrated a highly successful Initial DEX Offering (IDO) campaign, securing $500K USD for ArtMeta.
  • Coordinated a Token Generation Event (TGE) on three prominent exchanges, ensuring widespread availability of ArtMeta's tokens.

Robust Social Media Growth:

  • Amplified ArtMeta's social media presence by increasing their following from 3K to an impressive 24K, establishing a stronger online community and fostering engagement.

Event Planning and Execution:

  • Meticulously organized and marketed ArtMeta’s flagship event, featuring 7 company partners, resulting in substantial press coverage reaching a broad audience base of 189 million, with 400+ articles published.

Leveraging Livestreams for Engagement:

  • Led the marketing and presentation efforts for ArtMeta’s inaugural live stream, attracting 4000 RSVPs and boosting engagement.


  • Holistic Brand Transformation: The comprehensive rebranding exercise successfully transformed ArtMeta's brand identity, positioning them as a modern and professional entity in the metaverse space.
  • Fundraising Triumph: Through the well-executed IDO campaign and TGE, Kuble helped ArtMeta secure substantial funding to advance their projects and initiatives.
  • Increased Visibility and Engagement: A robust social media strategy significantly augmented ArtMeta’s online presence, enabling them to engage a larger and more diverse audience.
  • Event Success: The expertly organized event garnered extensive press coverage and high audience engagement, amplifying ArtMeta's visibility within the metaverse sphere.

Conclusion: Kuble's 360 Web3 Marketing services empowered ArtMeta to achieve a remarkable transformation, encompassing branding, online presence, community engagement, and fundraising efforts. The successful execution of the ICO campaign and token launch, coupled with the comprehensive rebranding and event successes, demonstrated the strength of a tailored, holistic approach in navigating the dynamic and evolving world of Web3. Kuble's expertise and strategic insights were instrumental in propelling ArtMeta toward success in the metaverse.

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Education: Metaverse Academy

Kuble Education Initiative: Metaverse Academy

Invest in your future, explore a whole new world.

The Mission:

The Metaverse Academy’s drive is to co-create and shape the transformation into the metaverse, web3 and NFT-space together with YOU and our community of experts, builders, explorers and learners.

We want YOU and your team to be ahead of the curve and use the window of opportunity to unveil the potential of YOUR career and the possibility of your brand in the metaverse space.

Our work is guided by an ethical approach, inclusiveness and respect for a sustainable development of virtual environments.

The Solution:

The renowned international and national faculty of the Metaverse Academy provides structured, applied and up-to-date knowledge by experiencing all the building blocks of the metaverse, web3 and NFT-space with YOU first hand.

By doing that, we help accelerate mainstream adoption of the technology and forster new business and use cases for all industries.

Structured and applied knowledge from an experienced international and national faculty.

The Approach:

The Metaverse Academy takes you on a journey to learn the metaverse IN THE metaverse.

We act as your guide and inspiration and foster a conversational learning approach that connects YOU with a network of likeminded explorers.

All educational formats can be attended location independent and decentralized.

Learn about the metaverse, web3 and the NFT-space IN THE metaverse.

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Kuble is one of the leading digital, Web3 and Metaverse agencies in Switzerland.

Established in 2009, Kuble has consistently been at the forefront of innovation. Each year, we have led the charge in pioneering groundbreaking tools and services that surpass conventional digital marketing. Our dedicated team leverages a high level of technological expertise to craft tailored solutions for our clients. Explore our timeline to witness the evolution of our innovations throughout the years.

Members of Leading Swiss Agencies, GFM, iab.switzerland and Swiss Metaverse Association.

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We educate and provide knowledge bridges for individuals, corporations & institutions.

The Metaverse Academy faculty offers practical & up-to-date knowledge of Web3, Metaverse, and AI fundamentals in the metaverse. Our mission is to speed up this technology adoption and cultivate new business opportunities across all industries.

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