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  • Live streaming as a content
    marketing engine
    It's the perfect time to launch pokert TV! Join us in experimenting
    with weekly sessions about tech, business and entertainment.
  • Leveraging fundraising with data journalism
    How we achieved more than 20 million social media impressions
    by creating a data perspective on the bushfires in Australia
  • Authenticity on Social Media
    Authentic and personal communication on social media is vital for brands.
    Employee advocacy makes it possible.
    Our white paper shows you how.
  • Deep data analysis
    In a data multiverse, it’s not enough to have big data. It’s the depth of the analysis that makes the difference.
  • Do your employees speak brand?
    Let them tell the brand story. They own credibility.
  • KPI-driven creative strategies
    Only if a strategy has clear objectives broken down into measurable KPIs will the strategy become a STARTEGY.
  • Bringing leads to light!
    On social media, this requires special skills and deep understanding.
  • Listen before you speak
    Brands must develop ears to truly understand their audience.
  • We collide data and creativity since 2009
    When accelerated data meets creativity.
  • Tools and systems for BIG social media
    Our tools are designed for brands that demand from social media.

The Kuble Pillars

  • Data-driven creative concepts: So that numbers generate inspiration.
  • KPI-focused strategies: Quality is as important as quantity.
  • Customer-approved systems: Efficiency and effectiveness depend on the tools and processes.
  • Deep data reporting: Because it’s not enough to have big data.

Long-Term Partnerships

Social media is a journey. When we embark on a journey, we build up trust over time. Trust and transparency are the basis for success and great achievements. We are in for the long-term goals of brands and we see how social media is a multiverse where many skills and deep knowledge are the tools to succeed. That is why the pillars of our agency are strategy, creativity, data, and development.

Ad Accounts Managed
Post Engagements
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Video Watches at 100%

Our Services

Strategy & Consulting
Strategy & Consulting

No goal can be achieved by hoping.

We analyze, think, create, plan and then execute. We consult and challenge our customers like a sparring partner. Our strategies focus on KPIs and storytelling on owned, earned and paid media. Earned is the supreme discipline that confirms the result of a successful strategy and execution.

"Our vision is to move forward together. Together we are limitless."

Content Creation
Content Creation

Authentic, inspirational and relatable storytelling.

Content is the origin of earned media. Every piece of content belongs to a content strategy and has an audience and a KPI allocated. This is how we can measure and assure that storytelling and performance are in line.

"Earned media proves your success in content marketing."

Community Management
Community Management

Your customers are your community. Engagement can be handled very individually and varies between brands. Some brands need channel monitoring to make sure no positive or negative response is missed while others are looking to engage actively with the community. We have tools and processes in place that allow us to handle communities in any desired way.

Your owned community is where your customers are visiting you.

Monitoring & Analytics
Monitoring & Analytics

We listen in order to understand.

The best way to optimize is by looking at the data. We have developed unique solutions to analyze the data and optimize the strategy, content and audience. Our methods and tools allow us to generate comparable reports between campaigns and strategies and to calculate earned media reach, engagement, and value.

You need to dig into the numbers for deep social media.

Ad Campaign Management
Ad Campaign Management

How you set up your ad campaign is one of the deciding factors in the campaign performance down the way. Clear and logical structures help you understand your own campaigns and show where there’s room for optimization. The only thing left is building the target audience exactly the way you know them after countless years of experience with them. This enables optimal results through efficient design.

Advertising has never been so efficient.


In an infinite sea of webpages, being found and seen is the ultimate goal of every company online. This is where SEA and SEO come into play. By focusing on what you are offering and giving searchers exactly what they are looking for, we help you deliver your great services to the people who need them most. 

If you are not found on google, you don’t exist.

Web Design & Development
Web Design & Development

We code, therefore we are.

Content marketing skips the middle man. Brands can now drive traffic from the internet directly to their owned channels. The traffic on the website, landing page, microsite or blog needs to fit the customer expectations and experience. This is where our code heroes and design wizards come into play. We can deliver digital assets on the fly.

Without code, you can't follow through the entire digital marketing journey.


Which is the best social media tool, the Swiss Army knife of tools? In our opinion there is not ONE tool that can do it all. That is why we developed our own tool, the Kuble Campaign Planner, to fit the needs of our customers based on experience.  


If your only tool is a hammer, then every problem looks like a nail.

What we want you to know