Mastering Style Consistency in Midjourney (the AI Tool for Image Generation)

22 Feb
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Have you ever created a stunning image in Midjourney, only to struggle to recapture that same style for other subjects? This post explores the power of style references and some additional parameters to maintain visual coherence in your Midjourney creations.

The Secret: The "--sref" Parameter

Imagine you've crafted a beautiful image with Midjourney that perfectly embodies your desired aesthetic. Now, wouldn't it be amazing to automatically apply that same style to different subjects? That's exactly what the "--sref" parameter enables!

Here's how it works:

  1. Generate your desired style: Create an image you love using your preferred prompts and settings.
  2. Capture the reference: Copy the URL of the generated image.
  3. Repeat in style: In your new prompt, add "--sref" followed by the copied image URL. This tells Midjourney to use the previous image as a reference point for style.

Fine-tuning your reference:

While "--sref" helps retain overall style, two additional parameters offer further control:

  • "--s 1000": This adjusts the strength of the level of this artistic influence. A value of 1000 means strictly adhering to the style, while lower values allow for more creative freedom. 
  • "--v 6.0": This is a reference to the Midjourney v6 base model. It brings significant enhancements, including more accurate and longer prompt interpretations, improved coherence and model knowledge, and enhanced image prompting with a new remix mode. It also introduces a minor text drawing feature (use quotes and specific styles for best results) and improved upscalers in both subtle and creative modes for higher resolution images.

Putting it all Together:

Here's an example to illustrate how you can use these parameters:

Original Prompt:

  • "beautiful woman wearing VR goggles, conceptual installation art, in the style of organic material, emotive expressionism, multi-exposure, neon methacrylate tubes, iconic album covers, surreal fashion photography, colors dark purple and neon pink and light green"

Reference Image URL:

New Prompt with "--sref":

By replacing "[your subject]" with your desired subject (e.g., "a horse in an office working on a computer"), you'll generate an image of that subject, but in the same artistic style as your reference image!

"a horse in an office working on a computer"
"a guy praying to the cloud"

"a data chip with lines coming out of it"

"a surfboard conceptual art installation"

Unleash Your Creativity:

Now you have the tools to explore the world of "--sref" and consistently capture your desired artistic style. Experiment with different reference images, adjust "--s" values, and see where your creative journey takes you. 

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