AI in Practice: Open Full Day Course in Zurich

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Work smarter, more efficiently, and creatively with artificial intelligence (AI).

For professionals in Marketing, Communications, Sales, or Productanagement, it's essential to familiarize yourself with the new AI-powered tools.

ChatGPT, Midjourney, RunwayML, Lumen5, Heygen, Firefly, and other tools are not just future concepts but offer practical solutions to streamline daily communication tasks.

In our one-day workshop, you'll gain insights into these tools and learn their practical applications for your daily tasks. The workshop also covers legal considerations and the opportunities and risks involved. You can apply what you learn immediately after the session.

There are two dates available to register for, classes are filling fast. Register now, supercharge your skills.

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Thursday 29th August, 2024

Tuesday 1st October, 2024

Learning Objectives: What will you take away from the seminar?

  • Understand the principle of the most important AI tools and recognize their areas of application in communication
  • Master the basics of prompting and be able to design effective content in text, image, and video
  • Apply the right tools in daily work and use them successfully
  • Understand the legal requirements when using AI tools in marketing and identify potential legal risks
  • Assess opportunities and risks of using them in marketing and sales and know how to consider these in one's own work
  • Develop an understanding of how ChatGPT might evolve in the future and how to respond to these developments

Seminar Content: What will be covered?


  • Understanding AI and Machine Learning
  • Benefits of AI tools in marketing, communication, and sales


  • Which tools are suitable for specific tasks?
  • From target audience analysis to strategy development with ChatGPT
  • From idea to content production across all communication channels
  • From product to sales: customer-centric and personalized sales content


  • What is prompting and how does it work?
  • Creating effective prompts
  • Best practices when interacting with AI tools


  • Text: Create, summarize, and format content for websites, social media, presentations, emails, mind maps, etc.
  • Image: Design images for different communication purposes, simulate photoshoots, develop storyboards
  • Data: Create tables, structure and consolidate figures

All use cases will be demonstrated, and with the help of our experienced team, you'll practice using the tools.


  • Data protection aspects when using ChatGPT
  • Legal requirements for chatbots in marketing
  • Opportunities and risks of using ChatGPT


  • How participants can further develop their knowledge
  • Future developments in the realm of ChatGPT
  • Resources and support

Target Audience: Who is this seminar for?

  • Marketing managers analyzing target groups, developing concepts, and planning communication measures
  • Agency staff creating content and marketing campaigns for clients
  • Social media managers aiming to optimize their channels and improve content creation efficiency
  • Communication and content managers looking to develop brand stories and become industry leaders
  • Sales leaders wanting to better understand their target audience and generate tailored sales pitches
  • Marketing and sales staff in small to medium-sized businesses aiming to enhance their digital skills with new tools
  • Executives eager to experience the potential of these tools and integrate them into their organizations

Prerequisites: What should you bring?

You need to bring your curiosity and a laptop. No prior knowledge is required. The content is tailored for beginners or those who have tried tools like ChatGPT and Midjourney.

You then have a choice when booking the course:
With the Standard option, you set up the accounts for ChatGPT+ and Midjourney yourself in advance. You will then receive the instructions in advance.
If you opt for Premium, you don't need to do anything else: We will prepare everything for you.


Location: Metaverse Academy, Räffelstrasse 26, Zurich (we have moved across the street! Our previous address was Räffelstrasse 25)
Time: 9am - 5pm
Fee incl. Lunch: Standard CHF 550 | Premium CHF 700

Important: Seminar language is German.
If you wish to have an individualized workshop in English or customized for your team, please contact

Register Here:

Thursday 29th August, 2024

Tuesday 1st October, 2024

Register now. Start working smarter with AI.

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