d33part's Inaugural Mind-Bending Exhibition Blends AI Creativity with Cutting-Edge Technology

12 Dec
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In a captivating blend of art and technology, d33part, a collective of three tech-based artists, Gustavo Salami, David Luisi, and Christian Breitschmid, emerged as a pioneer in the realm of AI-driven art, last Friday, December 8th. Their inaugural exhibition, held at Kuble HQ, the digital agency founded by Gustavo Salami in 2009, showcased the transformative potential of technology to revolutionize the art world.

At the heart of the exhibition is the collective's exploration of the unexpected and transformative nature of AI-generated art. d33part's founder, Gustavo Salami, was initially inspired by the surprising creations that emerged when his AI upscaling process encountered images it could not fully comprehend. Instead of displaying errors, the AI would generate entirely new and unexpected visual interpretations, akin to hallucinations. To further amplify this concept, Gustavo has added QR codes in his physical prints, allowing owners to scan them and witness their art piece transformed into an animated video, also conceived by AI.

To further enhance the immersive experience of the exhibition, d33part incorporated a variety of cutting-edge technologies:

  • Metaverse exhibitions for each artist allow visitors to interact with the artwork in virtual reality.
  • A mixed reality AR installation seamlessly integrates the art into the surrounding environment. 
  • Physical prints on aluminium provide a tangible representation of the artwork, some with QR codes which further enhanced the art piece with AR elements.
  • Six synchronised screens with individually programmed micro computers seamlessly showcase the works of each artist in rotation, allowing visitors to experience a dynamic and captivating viewing experience. This innovative approach eliminates the need for multiple rooms, ensuring that all artists' work was showcased in a solo exhibition style, each for seven minutes at a time.
  • An infinite zoom video: art that never ends.

The exhibition features works by six talented artists:

The exhibition also features two AI avatars engaged in a thought-provoking debate on the contrasting realms of digitization and nature. This dialogue highlights the complex relationship between technology and the natural world, raising questions about the impact of artificial intelligence on our perception of reality.

The opening night offered some physical and NFT giveaways as mementos for attending: pins featuring art pieces from the artists, and web3 membership to Gustavo’s Road to Knowledge platform.

As AI and technology continue to evolve at an unprecedented rate, d33part envisions a future where art and technology converge to create ever-more innovative and captivating experiences. While the inaugural exhibition has presented a groundbreaking showcase of the highest tech available in art today, the collective is eager to adapt and evolve alongside the ever-changing technological landscape.

The exhibition garnered significant attention, with Star TV in attendance to interview the artists and capture the essence of this groundbreaking event. D33pArt's commitment to pushing the boundaries of AI-powered art has firmly established them as a leading force in the tech-meets-art revolution. 

The exhibition is open daily 14:00-17:00 until 15th of December 2023 at Kuble & Metaverse Academy HQ: Räffelstrasse 25, 8045 Zürich.

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