The most popular social apps in China – Part 3: Weibo

21 Jul
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Weibo is a social platform that realises instant sharing, dissemination and interaction of information in the form of text, pictures, videos and other multimedia. Weibo was launched in August 2009, and registered users exceeded 50 million in October 2010. Weibo is a software similar to Twitter.

According to the Fourth Quarter and Full Year 2021 Financial Report released by Weibo in March 2022, the number of monthly active users in December 2021 reached to 573 million, and the average daily active users reached to 249 million.

On March 12, 2021, the 2020 Weibo User Development Report released by Weibo shows that the Weibo user group continues to show a younger trend, of which the 90s and 00s account for nearly 80%, and the scale of female users is higher than male users. In terms of living consumption, interest and attention, Weibo users of different age groups show obvious intergenerational characteristics.

In November 2018, Weibo suspended the registration function for minors under the age of 14.

More than 60 channels for information and entertainment

The use of Weibo is very simple. Users can share articles / blogs, pictures and videos. They can also do live broadcasts, participate in hot topics, view real-time news, interact with hot search topics and so on.

The content of Weibo covers many fields. The mobile app has more than 60 channels including: trend, travel, home furniture, fashion, international, food, beauty, sports and fitness, celebrities, music, movies, books reading, and design. Users can follow any channels and view content at any time.

Weibo can also be used as a software for information dissemination. It can be divided into the following four types according to its high user engagement.

1. As a news platform: Weibo users can view and participate in hot topics at any time. Weibo is also an information release channel for many official media.


The news site shares work information about astronauts


CCTV Weibo official account released the Public Security Bureau's notice.


CCTV Weibo official account sharing topic news: "All of the triplets got a high score of over 650 in the college entrance examination"

2. As an entertainment platform for celebrities and their fans: Weibo is also the official information of celebrities and the information sharing channel of film and television works. At the same time, it is also an interactive platform for celebrities and their fans. In addition, Weibo is also a promotion platform for celebrities to endorse various advertisements.


Jackie Chan shares his new movie which will be released on 31.December.


The official account of a TV series that is really popular at the moment shares everyday with the fans of some interesting clips or backstage stories of the TV series, in order to let people engage with the TV and watch it.

3. As a popular social software: On Weibo, you can meet new friends, follow your favorite bloggers, participate in topic interactions, share and record your own experiences, publish pictures and video articles, etc.

4. As a promotion platform: Weibo is also a promotion platform for brands and products of various companies, and Weibo supports advertising. This is also the most direct way for companies to locate their target customer groups.

Here are some Weibo marketing advertising ways.

Weibo Marketing Advertising

With more than 500 million monthly active users, Weibo is a socialized public opinion field that carries many interested groups such as celebrities, society, film and television, e-sports, emotions, and sports. Weibo advertising can help brands accurately target the target group and achieve the purpose of promotion. There are three main types of Weibo marketing advertisements: exposure advertisements, search advertisements, and information flow advertisements.

Exposure ads

Start-up advertisement: displayed to 230 million daily active users on Weibo at the first time, with strong exposure of 20 million PV(page view) in a single round, 9 rounds of general investment + 2 rounds of regions throughout the day, 4 types of materials, 3 interactive forms, and can be used for different regions Targeted and precise delivery.


Search ads

Hot search list: The focus position of the hot search list, hot popularity, super exposure, effectively attracting users' attention.


News Feed

Super Fan Pass: The flexible style is fully displayed, the exclusive landing improves the efficiency, and the social communication is accurately grasped.


Weibo is more focused on text and visuals as other platforms

The biggest difference between Weibo and Douyin is the content. Douyin focuses more on short videos + music, while Weibo focuses more on text + visual (photos).

Weibo differs from WeChat in that WeChat is more personal, and users often use it as a medium to connect with others. Weibo is more like a channel for people to get information and news.

Among the three most popular social platforms in China that we have discussed so far, Weibo is the first to be released, but with the continuous updating of other social software, the influence of Weibo is gradually decomposed by other software. Nevertheless, Weibo Relying on strong hot search news, topic news still occupies a favorable position on social platforms in China.

In part four, we introduce the platform Xiaohongshu - the "Chinese answer to Instagram".

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