The most popular social apps in China – Part 2: Douyin

6 Jul
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Douyin is a short video social software for all ages. The software was produced by ByteDance and launched on September 20, 2016. In less than six years, Douyin has ranked among the top ten social platforms in the world. Douyin provides a variety of small video templates for all users. It does not require any video/photo editing skills, and everyone can use the templates to make their own videos.

The latest data from Douyin shows that its daily active users have reached 600 million. Data from Sensor Tower shows that in April 2022, Douyin and its overseas version of TikTok, with more than 62 million downloads, ranked first in the global mobile application (non-game) download list.

In 2018, 25 state-owned enterprises collectively joined Douyin. In addition to entertainment, comedy, life-showing, skills teaching, dancing and singing, many content that spread the core socialist values ​​began to become popular on Douyin.

According to the Douyin data report in 2021, the top ten carriers with the most likes are: teachers (7.29 billion likes), doctors, farmers, firemen, traffic police, coaches, delivery men, sanitation workers, journalists, and domestic helpers. The top ten most popular cities on Douyin are: Beijing (9.4 billion likes), Shanghai (8.4 billion likes), Chongqing (7.4 billion likes), Chengdu, Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Shenzhen, Zhengzhou, Xi'an, Wuhan.

Top 10 most liked jobs

Top 10 cities.png

Top 10 most popular cities

Top 10 cities.png

Douyin uses real-name authentication users under the age of 14 to directly enter the youth mode after being informed. Real-name users aged 14-18 provide stricter security protection in content recommendation, social networking, search, etc., to protect the healthy growth of the youth group.

At the same time, Douyin cooperates with various institutions to create high-quality content that is more suitable for young people to watch, including popular animation, interesting talents, natural science, humanities and history, painting and craftsmanship, network protection and children's safety, such as: Forbidden City Knowledge Class, Science Open Class, Winter Olympics knowledge quiz, winter vacation charging plan, 2022 winter vacation seedling protection action, etc., help young people "learn knowledge and view the world".

Douyin also has a time reminder function. When the user uses it continuously for 90 minutes, a line of text will appear on the short video being played to remind the user to pay attention to the time; the second is the time lock function, which is turned on by the user setting a password. When the accumulated time reaches 2 hours, the system will be automatically locked, and the user needs to re-enter the password to continue using it. These measures are designed to prevent people from becoming overly addicted to swiping videos.

According to the Douyin data report in 2021, Douyin sends out hundreds of millions of reminders for moderate use every day, and 46% of users who receive reminders often experience a significant drop in usage.

So, what are the functions of Douyin?

  1. Douyin allows every user to create their own videos with stickers, filters and other small templates, recording life, etc. At the same time, Douyin can also let you interact with your relatives and friends.
  1. Following the breaking news & trends. Major media are releasing the latest information on Douyin.
    Douyin live broadcasting, In addition to Li Jiaqi, who has always been very popular (the pre-sale sales exceeded 10 billion in the live broadcast on October 20, 2021), the live broadcast of goods has been carried out. In recent months, there have been live broadcasts of Liu Genghong and Dong Yuhui. Liu Genghong gained 30 million followers through fitness live broadcasts in 10 days, while Dong Yuhui relied on his cultural accumulation and unusual selling style to bring the transformed company that he works in back to life.
  1. There is also a Mall in the Douyin app, similar to our online shopping, which supports one-click ordering. This is also one of the things that makes Douyin different from tiktok.

Douyin Mall page


Product introduction


For businesses:

  1. Douyin provides a variety of paid advertising formats to choose from, and all Douyin paid advertising needs to be completed on a website called
  1. Douyin's ad types include open-screen ads, information feed ads, search ads, dou+ and enterprise accounts. There are many Douyin advertising options, and companies can choose the advertising format and bidding mode according to their own needs.
  1. Douyin ads provide companies with broad user coverage, increase brand awearness, and ultimately increase conversion rates.

Oceanengine website


So, what is the difference between Douyin and TikTok?

First of all, Douyin has more functions at the top menu bar in the app, such as the Local function that shows you what is happening nearby, as well as the Mall function that lets users purchase goods through Douyin. TikTok only has the Following and For You at the top menu bar. Recently, Douyin has updated the function of turning on the optional silent mode when you open the app, and TikTok does not yet have it.

Douyin For You list

Douyin For You Liste.png

TikTok For You list

Tik Tok For You Liste.png

The content of Douyin covers a wide range of small videos and live broadcasts in many different industries. For example, in the past two years, many Top universities in China have joined Douyin and opened live broadcast public classes. In addition, there are firemen in many cities live broadcasting on Douyin to promote firefighting knowledge for us.

Open class of Peking University

open class.png

How to deal with emergencies

web desktop.png
web homepage.png
web live.png

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