Partnership with daura underlines Kuble’s blockchain expertise

2 May
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daura AG provides an application that allows companies to record their shares digitally on a blockchain infrastructure. This makes capital increases less expensive, simplifies the administration of the share register and increases the efficiency of general meetings. In addition, registered users gain access to new participation opportunities in Swiss companies and they can digitally manage their company shares themselves.

"Based on our blockchain expertise that we at Kuble AG have built up over the past years, the innovation behind this application was immediately clear to us," says Gustavo Salami (founder and partner at Kuble). Therefore, in March 2022, we tokenized our shares with it.

Services around the blockchain, the metaverse and Web3 are as much a part of our portfolio as social media, digital marketing, live streaming and video productions. In this area, too, the partnership opens up interesting prospects for the future, as Christian Aichhorn (Managing Partner at Kuble) explains: "We are very pleased that we can support daura's customers to virtualize their general meetings with an audio-visual setup."

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