Meet & Greet at the «Metaverse Agency»: Swisscom expert shows use cases in Metaverse

28 Nov
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In the "Metaverse Agency Space" on the Metaverse platform Spatial, a Meet & Greet took place for the first time on Monday.

The first guest was Panajot Jelev, who is the Head of Innovation Lab at Swisscom since 2018. With his team, he looks at innovations and digital trends and tries to apply them in various ways for Swisscom. He told the audience in the virtual room which use cases these are and what he has learned from them.

Present on a Metaverse radio and in a videogame

Jelev described, for example, how Swisscom integrated a virtual shop into the video game "Grand Theft Auto". The background was that a Swiss gamer collective had recreated a map of Zurich and approached local partners. He also showed how Swisscom's brand benefited from a collaboration with the Metaverse studio of "Radio Energy" on the Decentraland platform.

According to Jelev, these and other use cases showed that it is worth to be curious and to try things out: "In order to identify opportunities and to generate learnings and experiences in a first step, we at Swisscom decided on an iterative and explorative approach. Should the broad mass market open up for Metaverse in the future, the concepts are already ready internally: "This gives us a competitive advantage over our competitors."

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Metaverse Agency: New workshop offer

The "Metaverse Agency" is an initiative of the two agencies Reach Partners and Kuble. The joint expertise in Metaverse consulting, branding and design has been bundled into a workshop offer that is unique in Switzerland. "The workshops are aimed at employees of companies, NGOs, schools, universities and other organisations who are considering breaking new ground in their interaction with their target groups and stakeholders," explains Olivia Schiffmann, Managing Partner at Kuble.

Every Monday between 1 and 2 pm, an exchange with experts from the two agencies takes place in the "Metaverse Agency Space" on Spatial. You don't need Oculus glasses to use Spatial, you can also access it via desktop or mobile app.

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