Kuble launches Metaverse Academy with two courses

28 Apr
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As one of the leading digital agencies in Switzerland, Kuble recognized early on that the online world is changing with the metaverse and web3. The team therefore held its first events and moved into virtual premises as early as 2021 (more info).

Due to the great demand for knowledge that makes it easier to get started and understand the new technology, the agency is now launching the Metaverse Academy ( Experts from various fields teach their knowledge. They use immersive methods: All participants wear Oculus glasses and people meet for classes at noon each day from 12:30 to 1:15 p.m. in the Horizon Workroom. All courses conclude with an NFT certification.

The four-module "Relationship Economy & Metaverse" course starts on May 3 and is designed for people interested in a new era in dialogue marketing. Marion Marxer is one of the experts and explains: "In a Relationship Economy, relationships, credibility and trust make up the value of offers. How can we use the metaverse to strengthen our relationships and credibility? That's exactly what we show in the metaverse."

The “Web3 & Metaverse Strategist” course starts on May 30. From how to create an avatar, to how wearables and NFTs work, to how to design and implement specific use cases, the six modules are about learning to strategically assess the new environment. Starting on June 27, this course will also be offered in English. Gustavo Salami, founder and partner at Kuble, who outlined the Metaverse Academy, looks ahead with great anticipation: "Our motto is: Learn new things in a new way. That's why we offer more than courses - it's a new way of knowledge sharing. The immersive space in which the participants and the experts move around with Oculus glasses is on one hand the unknown learning object and on the other hand also a learning tool."

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