Kuble has expanded its office space in the Metaverse and held its first event on Decentraland with 200 participants

3 Jan
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The digital agency Kuble expanded its office space in November 2021 - in the Metaverse. Ever since Mark Zuckerberg announced in July that the Metaversum is the future of Facebook, things have been going crazy. The metaverse is a collective virtual space, the extension of today's internet.

Following the motto "walk the talk", we only believe in what we have experienced ourselves. We are currently experimenting with different possible applications in the metaverse thanks to our in-house innovation department. We are convinced that digital marketing will take hold in the metaverse faster than one can now imagine. Accordingly, we are expanding our know-how: For customer enquiries, our claim is to be able to offer first-hand advice.

Here is an overview of what Kuble has launched on Decentraland so far:

  • Built office space and on-boarded team. Kuble owns two offices on Decentraland (-55/-140) and an estate (24,-140). All employees own an avatar and visit Decentraland regularly. The architecture is fun and based on exciting collaboration between design and code.
  • Livestream broadcasts. On November 26 and December 16, we broadcast the Crypto Talks with Pascal Hügli and Christian Aichhorn respectively Tina Balzli live in our office on Decentraland. In order for this to work, several brains at Kuble had to put their brain cells to work - developers, designers and of course the streamer team put their heads together for this. The stream worked perfectly. The replay of the latest Crypto Talk can still be watched in the Kuble Office -55/-140.
  • Held a scavenger hunt and programmed an NFT entry scanner. The instructions were available at A labyrinth had to be crossed on the Kuble property, in which a code was hidden. Those who entered the correct code in the scanner received an NFT, which served as an entrance ticket to the lobby of the Kuble house. A total of more than 550 NFTs were awarded. For each successful finisher, it automatically generated an entry in the guestbook.
  • Create your own Kuble wings (wearables). We designed and had approved the first wearables with the Kuble wings. This was given as a prize to the finishers of the scavenger hunt. The wings are now for sale as a wearable on Decentraland and can be bought for 100 mana.
  • **Closing event of the scavenger hunt and party with live DJ held at our second office space on 24/-140. **For one hour, the party mood has arisen on Decentraland. 200 people showed up and danced to the live streamed beat of DJ FeFe. During the party, we ran an airdrop where all guests who successfully completed the scavenger hunt were automatically given the Kuble flights as an NFT.

In the new year, we are already planning a few more use cases. These include events, webinars, live streams, concerts, museums, shops or the creation of buildings, items, wearables and various NFTs.
If you have any questions about our technical implementation, marketing use cases or if you have other questions or inputs about NFTs or the metaverse, please feel free to contact us. We look forward to the exchange.

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