Web3 & NFT Kickstarter for Teams

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Unlock the Power of NFTs and Create Your Team’s NFT Project

NFTs and the Web3 Revolution

Non-Fungible Tokens are an integral part of any Web3 strategy. In this team experience, you will learn the principles, areas of application and mechanics of developing and launching NFT projects. Benchmarks and case studies from various industries are discussed, both from the native Web3 area and from traditional brands. Participants also learn about the components of the NFT ecosystem and explore trends, challenges, and future potential.

Create your own NFT Project

Learning is practicing it. Each member of your team will create their own digital wallet, explore NFTs and buy their first NFT. Using AI Tools, your team will create their own NFT Collection and showcase it in an open virtual space in the Metaverse. 


Web3 and NFT Fundamentals:

  • What is web3 and how does it shape the next iteration of the web?
  • Understanding the Web 3 Culture
  • The Basics of Blockchain as a core building block for Web3

NFTs & Digital Assets:

  • More than pictures and art: How NFTs work.
  • NFTs in practice: Use cases and best practice examples
  • Utility, mechanics, and introduction strategies

Web3 & NFT practice:

  • Create your personal digital wallet
  • Develop and mint your first NFT using AI
  • Showcase your NFT Collection in a virtual metaverse space

Who This Course is For:

Target Group: Leadership, Business and Tech Teams in Marketing, Innovation, Business Development and other future oriented departments.

Group Size: 6 to 12 participants, bring your own laptop.

Format: 3 Hours

Location: Metaverse Academy HQ, Räffelstrasse 25, Zurich

Price: CHF 350 per participant

Included: Tez and Matic in the equivalent of CHF 25 to buy your first NFTs.

All participants can join our virtual learning community.

To Book: please contact Roger Oberholzer, Metaverse Academy CEO: roger.oberholzer@metaverse-academy.ch

Timing is flexible.

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