Metaverse & VR Experience for Teams

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The Metaverse of Today and Tomorrow

The possibilities of the Metaverse are developing rapidly. The new iteration of the internet will change both customer behavior and the innovative power of companies and brands. At the Metaverse VR Team Experience, you and your team will learn the fundamentals as well as relevant strategies and use cases in the Metaverse.

Understand the possibilities of the Metaverse and Virtual Reality by experiencing it. You will gain valuable hands-on experience by immersing yourself in various virtual worlds using a VR headset. Discover several virtual spaces including Decentraland, Spatial, Snadbox, Roblox and more, in an inspirational, practical and unforgettable team experience.


  • What is the Metaverse and where does its development stand today?
  • AI, Gaming, NFTs, blockchain, and more: the fundamental building blocks of the Metaverse.
  • What use cases exist, and which industries and brands are successful?
  • How brands and companies successfully enter the Metaverse?

Metaverse VR Experience:

  • What does an immersive experience in the Metaverse feel like?

Travel to several virtual worlds together as a team and discover the the Metaverse with VR googles.
Each participant will get their own VR goggles and will be guided by our Experience Guides to explore different virtual and immersive worlds.

Who This Course is For:

Target Group: Leadership, Business and Tech Teams in Marketing, Innovation, Business Development and other future oriented departments.

Group Size: 6 to 15 participants

Format: 3 Hours

Location: Metaverse Academy HQ, Räffelstrasse 25, Zurich

Price: CHF 450 per participant

Included: Each participant receives VR goggles and is fully supported by our Experience Guides.

All participants can join our virtual learning community.

To Book: please contact Roger Oberholzer, Metaverse Academy CEO:

Timing is flexible.

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