AI in Practice for Teams

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Work more intelligently, productively, and creatively with AI tools.

Understanding and Applying AI

The use of new AI-based tools in everyday work will soon become a standard requirement for every leader and employee who works with knowledge, creativity, content or code. 

From Knowledge to Practice

In this one-day program, you will learn the necessary fundamental knowledge and practice the practical application of various relevant AI tools. This will set the starting point for a more productive and creative approach to your tasks and challenges.


AI Fundamentals

How does AI and machine learning work?

What are the principles and concepts of AI?

Overview and Applications of AI tools

Which tasks are suitable for AI tools today and in the future?

Beyond ChatGPT: What tools are available and what can they be used for?

How-to: AI in Practice

How does the practical use of the most important AI tools work in concrete terms?

  • Text: Creating, summarizing, and formatting content for web content, social media, presentations, emails, mind maps, etc.
  • Image: Creating images for various communication applications, creating image concepts, simulating photoshoots, developing storyboards.
  • Data: Creating tables, structuring and consolidating numbers.
  • Video: Creating moving images, creating subtitles and voice-overs, creating video animations, implementing video editing.
  • 3D modeling: Creating animated 3D objects, creating skyboxes for metaverse environments.
  • Code: Overview of which programming languages can be used to create what, prompting websites.

All use cases will be demonstrated, and with the support of our experienced team, you will actively practice using the tools.

Who This Course is For:

Target Group: Marketing, Content, Social Media, Consultants, Entrepreneurs and all teams who are responsible for Content Creation.

Group Size: up to 20 participants, bring your own laptop.

Format: 8 Hours

Location: Metaverse Academy HQ, Räffelstrasse 25, Zurich OR at your office.

Price: 5500 CHF for up to 10 participants, 7500 CHF for 11-20 participants.

All participants can join our virtual learning community.

To Book: please contact Roger Oberholzer, Metaverse Academy CEO:

Timing is flexible.

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