YouHodler: NFT creation, launch and marketing in Decentraland

Client: YouHodler

Services Provided: NFT Design, Minting, and Open Marketplace Strategy

Challenge: YouHodler, a prominent player in the cryptocurrency lending sphere, aimed to leverage the rising wave of NFTs to enhance brand engagement and loyalty. The challenge was to create captivating NFTs that align with YouHodler's brand identity and resonate with the cryptocurrency community.

Solution: Kuble, a leading digital marketing agency well-versed in NFT strategies, devised a tailored approach to NFT creation and marketing for YouHodler.

NFT Design:

  • Collaborated with YouHodler to design distinctive and aesthetically appealing NFTs, including the creation of logo-based NFTs and wearables.

Minting on Decentraland:

  • Minted the designed NFTs on Decentraland, a prominent virtual reality platform, ensuring a seamless integration of YouHodler's brand into the metaverse.

Optimizing for the Open Marketplace:

  • Positioned the minted NFTs strategically on the open marketplace, maximizing visibility and accessibility to potential collectors and enthusiasts.


  • Enhanced Brand Engagement: YouHodler's NFTs garnered significant attention within the cryptocurrency community, enhancing brand engagement and fostering a sense of exclusivity among the audience.
  • Increased Visibility in the Metaverse: Minting and showcasing NFTs within Decentraland provided YouHodler with an effective means to establish a strong presence in the metaverse, a growing hub for cryptocurrency enthusiasts.
  • Successful Integration with the Open Marketplace: By strategically positioning the NFTs on the open marketplace, Kuble facilitated YouHodler in tapping into a broader audience and potential collectors.

Conclusion: Kuble's NFT creation and marketing services successfully propelled YouHodler into the burgeoning realm of NFTs. The collaboration highlighted Kuble's proficiency in not only designing captivating NFTs but also strategically positioning them within the metaverse and the open marketplace. The project showcased the potential of NFTs in elevating brand engagement and establishing a unique brand identity within the cryptocurrency space. Kuble's expertise in NFT strategies played a vital role in driving the success of YouHodler's venture into the NFT ecosystem.