Swiss Life: engaging content and organic social media marketing

Client: Swiss Life

Challenge: Swiss Life, a prominent player in the insurance and financial services industry, sought to enhance its online presence and engagement through compelling content creation and effective organic social media marketing. The objective was to resonate with their target audience, strengthen brand loyalty, and establish Swiss Life as a trusted advisor in financial planning.

Solution: Kuble, a leading digital marketing agency, formulated a tailored strategy for Swiss Life, focusing on content creation and organic social media marketing. The approach involved understanding Swiss Life's brand identity, target audience, and industry nuances to craft engaging content that would resonate with the audience.

  • Audience-Centric Content Strategy: Kuble conducted a thorough analysis to comprehend the audience's preferences, pain points, and interests. Leveraging this insight, they devised a content strategy that emphasized delivering value through educational articles, infographics, and success stories, aligning with Swiss Life's expertise.
  • Strategic Organic Social Media Campaigns: Kuble meticulously curated and scheduled organic social media posts across relevant platforms, tailoring each post to align with Swiss Life's brand voice and appeal to their target audience. The team ensured consistency in messaging and branding to foster brand recognition and trust.


  • Significant Increase in Engagement: Kuble's strategic approach led to a notable surge in social media engagement for Swiss Life, resulting in increased likes, comments, and shares on their posts.
  • Enhanced Brand Visibility: Through engaging content and consistent social media presence, Swiss Life experienced heightened brand visibility and recognition within their industry and beyond.
  • Greater Audience Reach: Kuble's efforts resulted in a wider reach, effectively connecting Swiss Life with a broader audience interested in financial planning and insurance services.

Conclusion: By employing an audience-centric content strategy and implementing strategic organic social media campaigns, Kuble successfully positioned Swiss Life as a trusted authority within the insurance and financial services domain. The increased engagement, enhanced brand visibility, and wider audience reach testified to the effectiveness of Kuble's tailored approach, proving the power of content and strategic social media marketing in driving meaningful results for Swiss Life.