Schenker Storen: sales-driven lead generation campaigns

Client: Schenker Storen

Challenge: In Summer 2023, Schenker Storen approached Kuble for support with advertising one of their new products, a high quality awning with integrated LED systems for summer evenings that stretch long into the night. The challenge here was limited information on who is a homeowner, whether they are in need of a new awning and whether they are the type to purchase this specific product.

Solution: By running a conversion driven campaign across multiple channels (Facebook, Instagram, Google Search, Pinterest, YouTube), potential customers had touchpoints with the new products on multiple channels. The campaign was driven by intent, with a highly defined audience based on search behavior, multi-faceted interests and sales points per audience. The creatives were adapted to typical client personas to highlight the best features of the product instantly.

Strategic Campaign Implementation:

  • The campaign was released in multiple languages across multiple channels to reach as many people as possible.
  • The platforms were chosen for a mix of performance, brand awareness and covering search intent for defined keywords and search terms that the other ads reinforced.

Conversion oriented measurement:

  • All channels had their own conversion tracking implemented which helped optimize each campaign for the end result. With the highly specific audience, narrow timeframe and defined interest, this led to the best results for each channel, using machine learning and platform algorithms to optimize campaigns for those users that convert.


  • Leads: 25+ sales leads with users indicating interest in the product and asking for a consultation.
  • Awareness: 2.75 million impressions generated, 16'000 clicks and 6500+ engaged users on the website.
  • Reusable content that shows the product from its best side, with content tailored to multiple personas and audiences.

Conclusion: High ticket items pose certain challenges when advertising them, as only a select number of people can afford them. Add to this seasonality and the long lifetime of something like an awning and the potential audience for a highly specialized product shrinks further. While this poses a challenge, a large timeframe enough for the activation, clean conversion tracking and clearly defined audiences that are intentionally set slightly broader can help reach the right people and increase word of mouth and long term interest in a product. Conversion optimization to help algorithms figure out connected audiences is also integral, as manual optimization does not allow for in-depth analysis of behaviors.