Sanitas: pioneering healthcare in the Metaverse

Client: Sanitas Health Insurance

Platform: Spatial.io

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Challenge: Sanitas Health Insurance, a pioneer in healthcare, aimed to establish its presence in the metaverse, pioneering a new dimension of interaction and engagement with its audience. They sought to create a virtual Experience Space that not only showcased their brand and services but also provided an innovative and interactive way for visitors to explore health-related topics.

Solution: Kuble, a digital, metaverse, and web3 agency, collaborated with Sanitas to design an immersive Experience Space within the metaverse.

Immersive Brand Experience:

  • Designed an interactive space within the metaverse, providing an immersive brand experience for Sanitas.
  • Incorporated elements related to health insurance, health, and health promotion, all presented in a playful and interactive manner.

Innovative Interactivity:

  • Integrated Alva, Sanitas' digital health assistant, to guide and welcome visitors within the metaverse.
  • Created interactive zones, including a media area displaying the Sanitas Health Forecast as a 3D book, a nutrition game based on the Swiss food pyramid, and fitness exercises demonstrated by avatars.

Nature-Inspired Futuristic Design:

  • Emphasized a futuristic yet nature-inspired design to maintain a consistent brand experience that aligns with Sanitas' values of innovation and partnership.
  • Crafted the design on the spatial.io platform, ensuring adaptability to VR glasses, desktops, or mobile apps.


  • Pioneering Presence in the Metaverse: Sanitas became the first health insurance company in Switzerland to establish a presence in the metaverse, marking a significant milestone in the healthcare industry.
  • Engaging and Educational Experience: The Experience Space provided an engaging and educational journey for visitors, enabling them to explore various health-related aspects in an interactive and entertaining manner.
  • Fostering Consistent Brand Image: The metaverse design effectively maintained Sanitas' branding while embracing a futuristic and nature-inspired theme, contributing to a consistent brand image.
  • Nomination at Swiss Insurance Innovation Awards: to be held November 2023.

Conclusion:Kuble's collaboration with Sanitas in building their metaverse Experience Space exemplifies our capability to merge innovative design with interactive technologies. By crafting an immersive and interactive environment, we successfully enabled Sanitas to establish a pioneering presence in the metaverse, showcasing their commitment to innovation and partnership. The project not only achieved the desired brand engagement but also served as a stepping stone for future events and consultations within the metaverse. Sanitas' proactive approach and Kuble's expertise proved to be a synergistic partnership, delivering a remarkable and forward-thinking metaverse experience.