Relai: 360 brand awareness campaign

Client: Relai

Services Provided: Content Creation, Display Ads on Brave, Influencer Marketing, Live Streams, Community Building

Challenge: Relai, a pioneer in the cryptocurrency investment space, aimed to amplify its brand awareness, drive user engagement, and ultimately increase app downloads. The challenge was to penetrate a competitive market and position Relai as a trusted platform for cryptocurrency investments.

Solution: Kuble, an innovative digital marketing agency, devised a strategic 360 Web3 Marketing approach tailored to Relai's requirements.

Compelling Content Creation:

  • Created engaging and informative content that showcased Relai's unique value proposition, simplifying cryptocurrency investments for a broader audience.

Strategic Display Ads on Brave:

  • Leveraged the Brave browser's privacy-focused advertising platform to reach a tech-savvy audience interested in cryptocurrencies, maximizing visibility for Relai.

Influencer Marketing Campaigns:

  • Collaborated with relevant influencers in the cryptocurrency and finance niche to promote Relai, tapping into their dedicated followers and enhancing brand credibility.

Engaging Live Streams:

  • Hosted live streams to provide real-time insights, tips, and updates on cryptocurrency investments, fostering interaction and engagement with the audience.

Building a Vibrant Community:

  • Implemented community-building strategies to create a sense of belonging and engagement among cryptocurrency enthusiasts, promoting discussions and knowledge sharing.


  • Enhanced Brand Awareness: Kuble's targeted content creation and influencer marketing significantly bolstered Relai's brand visibility within the cryptocurrency market.
  • Optimized User Acquisition: Strategic display ads on Brave effectively directed potential users to download the Relai app, improving user acquisition and conversion rates.
  • Increased Engagement: Engaging live streams and active community engagement contributed to a substantial increase in user interactions and overall engagement.

Conclusion: Kuble's 360 Web3 Marketing services successfully propelled Relai's brand awareness and user engagement within the competitive cryptocurrency investment landscape. By harnessing the power of content creation, strategic display ads, influencer partnerships, live streams, and community building, Kuble demonstrated its expertise in navigating the dynamic and evolving realm of Web3. The collaboration between Kuble and Relai showcased the potential of a holistic marketing approach in achieving a surge in brand recognition, user acquisition, and engagement in the rapidly evolving world of cryptocurrencies.