PROXEUS: token launch awareness and growth campaign

Client: Proxeus

Challenge: PROXEUS, a leading blockchain solution provider, faced the significant challenge of launching successful Initial Coin Offerings (ICO), Token Generation Events (TGE), and promoting their token effectively in a highly competitive crypto landscape. They sought a strategic digital marketing partner to drive awareness, engagement, and investments into their token offerings.

Solution: Kuble, a proficient digital marketing agency, rose to the challenge and implemented a strategic and holistic approach to achieve the desired outcomes for PROXEUS.

Strategic Planning:

  • Conducted in-depth market analysis and competitor research to tailor a comprehensive strategy for the ICO, TGE, and token marketing campaigns.

ICO & TGE Execution:

  • Orchestrated and managed the successful ICO and TGE, ensuring seamless processes, secure transactions, and compliance with regulations.

Token Awareness Campaigns:

  • Developed and executed extensive token awareness campaigns, utilizing a mix of digital marketing channels including social media, targeted advertising, content marketing, and influencer partnerships to reach a broad and relevant audience.

Engagement & Community Building:

  • Actively engaged with the crypto community through social media platforms, forums, and industry events, fostering a strong and enthusiastic community around the PROXEUS token.

Education & Information Dissemination:

  • Created educational content to inform potential investors about the intricacies of the token, its benefits, and the technology behind it. This empowered investors to make informed decisions.


  • Successful Fundraising: Kuble's strategic marketing efforts played a pivotal role in attracting a significant number of investors, leading to a successful ICO and TGE for PROXEUS, raising substantial funds for their blockchain projects.
  • Increased Token Value: Through targeted marketing and community engagement, Kuble successfully contributed to driving up the value and demand for the PROXEUS token in the market.
  • Growing Community: Kuble's community engagement efforts resulted in a substantial increase in the PROXEUS community, building a network of passionate supporters and potential users.

Conclusion: Kuble's strategic planning, execution, and targeted marketing campaigns demonstrated their proficiency in token marketing. Through a comprehensive approach encompassing ICO, TGE, and ongoing token awareness efforts, Kuble played a pivotal role in the success of PROXEUS, showcasing the agency's ability to drive awareness and engagement in the highly competitive world of cryptocurrency. Their expertise in blockchain marketing continues to be a significant asset for projects seeking to thrive and succeed in the crypto landscape.