Metaverse Leaders Summit 2023: first of its kind in Switzerland

Kuble  Initiative x Metaverse Academy

Challenge: Kuble together with Metaverse Academy organized the highly anticipated Metaverse Leaders Summit 2023. Collaborating with SAMBA (Swiss Association for MBAs), the challenge was to host a pioneering event that would bring together industry leaders, experts, and enthusiasts to delve into the metaverse's future.

Solution: Leveraging our expertise in event organization and digital marketing, Kuble meticulously planned and executed the Metaverse Leaders Summit 2023. The objective was to facilitate engaging discussions, knowledge sharing, and networking among the 300 participants and 40 prominent speakers from esteemed organizations like Meta, Roblox, Sandbox, Microsoft, HSBC, AXA, Inacta, and IBM.

Strategic Planning and Coordination:

  • Conducted detailed planning sessions to align event objectives with client expectations, ensuring seamless execution.
  • Collaborated with SAMBA and Metaverse Academy to define the event's theme, agenda, and target audience, laying a strong foundation.

Speaker and Contributor Coordination:

  • Engaged with 40 distinguished speakers and contributors, including representatives from leading global corporations and metaverse pioneers.
  • Ensured a diverse range of topics, perspectives, and expertise to captivate the audience and spark insightful discussions.

Immersive Digital Experience:

  • Integrated innovative digital solutions to provide an immersive experience to both physical and virtual attendees.
  • Leveraged VR technology, interactive panels, and real-time Q&A sessions to enhance engagement and interactivity.


  • Successful Collaboration: The collaboration between Kuble, SAMBA, and Metaverse Academy resulted in a pioneering event that exceeded expectations.
  • Diverse Participation: The event witnessed active participation from 300 attendees, including industry leaders, experts, and enthusiasts, fostering meaningful conversations and networking opportunities.
  • Global Insights: The summit showcased a lineup of esteemed speakers, offering diverse perspectives and insights into the evolving metaverse landscape.

Conclusion: Kuble's exceptional capabilities in event organization were evident in the successful execution of the Metaverse Leaders Summit 2023. By leveraging our expertise, fostering collaboration, and embracing innovative digital solutions, we brought together industry thought leaders and engaged a global audience. The summit achieved its goals of sparking insightful discussions and establishing the metaverse as a focal point for future industry growth and innovation.