Education: Metaverse Academy

Kuble Education Initiative: Metaverse Academy

Invest in your future, explore a whole new world.

The Mission:

The Metaverse Academy’s drive is to co-create and shape the transformation into the metaverse, web3 and NFT-space together with YOU and our community of experts, builders, explorers and learners.

We want YOU and your team to be ahead of the curve and use the window of opportunity to unveil the potential of YOUR career and the possibility of your brand in the metaverse space.

Our work is guided by an ethical approach, inclusiveness and respect for a sustainable development of virtual environments.

The Solution:

The renowned international and national faculty of the Metaverse Academy provides structured, applied and up-to-date knowledge by experiencing all the building blocks of the metaverse, web3 and NFT-space with YOU first hand.

By doing that, we help accelerate mainstream adoption of the technology and forster new business and use cases for all industries.

Structured and applied knowledge from an experienced international and national faculty.

The Approach:

The Metaverse Academy takes you on a journey to learn the metaverse IN THE metaverse.

We act as your guide and inspiration and foster a conversational learning approach that connects YOU with a network of likeminded explorers.

All educational formats can be attended location independent and decentralized.

Learn about the metaverse, web3 and the NFT-space IN THE metaverse.