Lalique: design concepts come to life in the Metaverse

Client: Lalique

Platform: Spatial.io

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Challenge: Lalique, a luxury goods company, aimed to introduce its latest collection to target audiences in a distinctive and engaging manner. They sought a virtual staging in the metaverse that would provide an immersive and playful showroom experience, reflecting the essence of their brand and enticing visitors to explore their offerings.

Solution: Kuble, a digital, metaverse, and web3 agency, collaborated with Lalique to design and launch a captivating virtual showroom in the metaverse.

Immersive Showcase of Luxury:

  • Created a virtual showroom resembling an art exhibition within the metaverse, immersing visitors in the heart of nature and the natural habitats of animals.
  • Engineered the environment to enable visitors to interact with the virtual surroundings, resembling a real-life wilderness experience.

Engagement-driven Exploration:

  • Encouraged visitors to explore Lalique's products within the metaverse, offering insights into the designs and the inspiration behind each piece, having the story come to life.
  • Incentivized engagement by providing a chance to win a prize, enhancing the overall user experience and promoting active participation.

Merging Tradition and Technology:

  • Seamlessly integrated the metaverse experience with Lalique's digital strategy.
  • Positioned Lalique as a digitally innovative company, blending the rich tradition of luxury goods with the latest advancements in technology and digital innovation.


  • Immersive Luxury Experience: The virtual showroom successfully provided an immersive and playful luxury experience for visitors, allowing them to explore Lalique's latest collection within a captivating metaverse environment.
  • Enhanced Brand Image: Lalique positioned itself as a digitally innovative brand, effectively blending traditional luxury with cutting-edge technology, showcasing a forward-thinking approach.
  • Audience Engagement and Interaction: The integration of interactive elements and the chance to win a prize incentivized visitors to engage deeply with Lalique's products and brand story.

Conclusion: Kuble's collaboration with Lalique in crafting their metaverse virtual showroom demonstrates our expertise in seamlessly blending luxury, tradition, and technology. By creating an immersive experience that mirrors the brand's essence, we successfully enabled Lalique to engage their target audience in an interactive and exciting metaverse journey. The project showcased how the metaverse can be a powerful platform for luxury brands to position themselves as digitally innovative while preserving their core values and heritage. Lalique's commitment to leveraging blockchain, NFTs, and the metaverse as integral components of their digital strategy showcases the future-forward direction of luxury brands, and Kuble is proud to have played a significant role in this transformative digital journey.