Metaverse Experiences: by Kuble and Metaverse Academy

Kuble Education Initiative x Metaverse Academy

Challenge: Kuble, in collaboration with Metaverse Academy, set out to revolutionize engagement through Metaverse Experiences, creating interactive and entertaining sessions for groups ranging from 5 to 20 people. The challenge was to craft immersive Metaverse Experiences that offered a deep dive into metaverse theories, platform walkthroughs, and custom-designed VR experiences, tailored to each client's chosen topic.

Solution: Leveraging the expertise of Kuble and Metaverse Academy, a unique approach was developed to provide participants with an engaging and enjoyable immersive experience in the metaverse.

  • Interactive and Entertaining Metaverse Experiences:
  • Designed engaging and interactive Metaverse Experiences that captivated participants, enabling them to explore metaverse theories and platform walkthroughs.
  • Ensured a dynamic and entertaining engagement that encouraged active participation and curiosity about the metaverse.
  • Custom-Designed VR Experiences:
  • Created custom-designed VR experiences, tailored to each client's specific topic of interest, enhancing the immersive aspect of the event.
  • Allowed participants to delve deeply into the chosen topic and experience it in an entirely new dimension.
  • Enjoyable Apero and Networking:
  • Enhanced the experience by incorporating an enjoyable Apero, providing a relaxed and social atmosphere for participants to network and discuss the event.
  • The Apero encouraged a sense of community and bonding among the participants, fostering a positive and memorable experience.


  • Enhanced Engagement: Kuble and Metaverse Academy's tailored Metaverse Experiences successfully enhanced engagement, leaving a lasting impact on participants, who found the sessions both entertaining and informative.
  • Broad Clientele: Several renowned companies, including Migros, SportXX, AXA, Lalique, Helvetia, SUVA, FH Bern, Medicongress, Hotelplan, Julius Bär, Artmeta, Swiss Life, UBS, Credit Suisse, Bayer, SBB, and GLP, have leveraged this service, reflecting its broad appeal and relevance across diverse industries.
  • Ideal for Team-Building: The Metaverse Experiences emerged as an ideal platform for engaging team-building events, providing a unique and entertaining opportunity for employees to come together and interact.

Conclusion: Kuble and Metaverse Academy's collaboration in curating Metaverse Experiences redefined engagement in the digital landscape. The successful integration of interactive experiences, custom-designed VR immersion, and enjoyable networking opportunities showcased the potential of the metaverse in engaging and entertaining participants. The diverse range of clients adopting this service underscores its broad applicability and the growing interest in leveraging metaverse technologies for immersive team-building and engagement events.