Kronenhof & Kulm Hotels: Expanding consumer reach during the 2020 pandemic

Client: Kronenhof & Kulm

Challenge: The hospitality industry faced an unparalleled challenge during the 2020 pandemic: converting their traditional customer base in the midst of a global crisis. Kronenhof & Kulm partnered with us to navigate this challenge, seeking to engage new customer segments - those interested in travel opportunities to Switzerland and those opting for a relaxing staycation closer to home.

Solution: Leveraging our hyper-focused retargeting strategy and a meticulous social media marketing approach, we strategically guided Kronenhof & Kulm to connect with these fresh customer bases, steering their marketing efforts effectively during a challenging period.

Strategic Instagram Approach:

  • Crafted 37 meticulously curated posts, 42 engaging stories, and 7 captivating reels, resulting in an impressive follower increase of over 11k for both hotels.
  • Achieved an estimated reach of approximately 700k users and drove over 3500 high-quality website visits, emphasizing the success of the approach.

Impactful Facebook Strategy:

  • Executed a top-of-the-funnel awareness marketing strategy with 47 engaging posts and 7 compelling videos.
  • Garnered a reach of 1.72 million impressions and a remarkable 82k engagements, further enhancing brand visibility and engagement.


  • Significant Increase in Follower Base: Our meticulous approach led to a substantial increase in followers, amplifying the hotels' online presence.
  • Enhanced Website Traffic: The strategic implementation resulted in a notable surge in website visits, indicating heightened interest and engagement.
  • Boosted Brand Awareness: The comprehensive strategy significantly augmented brand visibility, positioning Kronenhof & Kulm as enticing destinations for both travel enthusiasts and staycation seekers.

Conclusion: Kronenhof & Kulm's collaboration with us and our strategic implementation of hyper-focused retargeting and engaging social media campaigns yielded remarkable results amidst the pandemic. The increased follower base, enhanced website traffic, and amplified brand awareness demonstrated the effectiveness of our tailored approach. By steering a successful digital campaign, we showcased the resilience and adaptability of digital marketing even in challenging times, providing valuable insights for the future of the hospitality industry.