Employee Advocacy: the industry's first KOL event in Switzerland

Kuble Initiative

Challenge: In 2019, Kuble faced the exciting challenge of conceptualizing and organizing an unprecedented event - the Employee Advocacy Event, a gathering of 150 Swiss thought leaders. This groundbreaking event aimed to pioneer thought leadership and elevate Kuble's standing as a leader in the digital marketing space.

Solution: Kuble employed its 360 event organization capabilities to bring the Employee Advocacy Event to fruition, marking it as the first of its kind in Switzerland. The inception of this innovative event began with the creation of a magazine by Kuble, which acted as a blueprint for thought leadership, specifically focusing on employee advocacy. This initiative expanded Kuble's expertise, adding leader development as a core competency.

Strategic Planning and Conceptualization:

  • Conducted strategic planning sessions to define the event's objectives and align them with the client's vision.
  • Ideated and conceptualized a thought-provoking event format to engage 150 Swiss thought leaders, integrating the concept of employee advocacy.

Innovative Magazine as a Blueprint:

  • Created ‘Influencer World’, a magazine that served as a comprehensive guide and blueprint for thought leadership, emphasizing employee advocacy.
  • The magazine laid the groundwork for the event, presenting key concepts and nurturing discussions around thought leadership.

Thought Leadership Event Execution:

  • Orchestrated the Employee Advocacy Event, bringing together 150 thought leaders to engage in insightful discussions and collaborative activities.
  • Utilized various event elements such as panel discussions, interactive workshops, and keynote sessions, providing a 360-degree view of thought leadership and employee advocacy.


  • Successful Event Execution: Kuble's meticulous planning and execution resulted in a highly successful event, bringing together 150 thought leaders in a groundbreaking discussion on employee advocacy and thought leadership.
  • Expansion of Core Competencies: The event led to the enhancement of Kuble's core competencies, specifically in leader development, establishing the agency as a thought leader in the digital marketing space.
  • Nurturing Thought Leadership: The event facilitated meaningful dialogues, nurtured thought leadership, and provided a platform for networking and collaboration among the thought leaders.

Conclusion: Kuble's expertise in 360 event organization was instrumental in orchestrating the Employee Advocacy Event 2019, a groundbreaking initiative that fostered thought leadership and employee advocacy discussions. By conceptualizing and executing this pioneering event, Kuble showcased its dedication to advancing thought leadership within the Swiss digital marketing landscape, solidifying its position as an industry leader with a keen focus on leader development.