Credit Suisse: Metaverse build in Decentraland for sustainable impact

Client: Credit Suisse

Platform: Decentraland

Challenge: Credit Suisse, a leading financial institution committed to sustainability, envisioned a unique approach to convey their philanthropic mission of "Life below water" through a Metaverse experience. The challenge was to create an engaging digital space within Decentraland that aligns with their sustainability goals, educating participants about ocean cleanup efforts and promoting their commitment to sustainable development.

Solution: Leveraging its expertise in Metaverse Builds, Kuble crafted an immersive experience in Decentraland that seamlessly blended education, gamification, and digital wearables to create an underwater landscape. The goal was to inspire participants to learn about ocean conservation in an engaging and interactive manner.

Designing the Underwater Landscape:

  • Collaborated closely with Credit Suisse to conceptualize and design a captivating underwater landscape within Decentraland.
  • Ensured the landscape was in alignment with the company's philanthropic mission of ocean cleanup and sustainable development goal "Life below water."

Education Content Integration:

  • Developed and integrated educational content within the underwater landscape to inform participants about ocean cleanup efforts and Credit Suisse's involvement in sustainable initiatives.
  • Provided a platform for users to learn about the significance of a sustainable ocean ecosystem.

Gamification and Digital Wearables:

  • Incorporated gamification elements to enhance engagement, encouraging participants to actively explore and interact with the underwater environment.
  • Designed digital wearables for avatars, enabling participants to symbolize their commitment to ocean conservation within the Metaverse.


  • Immersive Learning Experience: Credit Suisse's Metaverse Build facilitated an immersive learning experience, effectively conveying the importance of ocean cleanup and sustainability in an engaging digital environment.
  • Positive Engagement: Participants were highly engaged with the gamified elements and digital wearables, reflecting the success of the interactive approach in conveying the sustainability message.
  • Promoting Sustainable Goals: The underwater landscape showcased Credit Suisse's dedication to their sustainable development goal "Life below water," promoting their philanthropic efforts to a broader audience.

Conclusion: Kuble's Metaverse Build for Credit Suisse in Decentraland stood as a testament to our capability to merge sustainability objectives with innovative technology. The project highlighted the potential of the Metaverse in promoting education and engagement regarding vital global issues. By effectively conveying Credit Suisse's sustainable mission through an interactive underwater landscape, we demonstrated the transformative power of the Metaverse in supporting meaningful causes and fostering a culture of sustainability.