CONCORDIA: engaging social media campaigns

Client: CONCORDIA Swiss Health and Accident Insurance

Challenge: Kuble has served as a long partner for CONCORDIA’s Social Media Campaigns. The challenges lay in managing comprehensive campaign activities across Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, aiming for a significant increase in visitors, impressions, lead generated, and efficient activation strategies.

Solution: Leveraging our extensive experience and expertise, Kuble meticulously managed CONCORDIA’s Social Media Campaigns. Our strategies were designed to optimise for high-quality visitors, lead generation, brand awareness and user engagement across Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn platforms.

Impactful Facebook and Instagram Campaigns:

  • Achieved over 21m impressions and generated valuable leads above expected targets, showcasing the efficacy of our strategic approach.

Strategic LinkedIn Campaigns:

  • Orchestrated a total of 90 well-crafted campaigns, garnering an impressive 572K+ impressions on LinkedIn.

Diverse Activation Strategies:

  • Regular activations included ticket giveaways for championship sports events, family-oriented festivals, shows, and informative health-related content catering to all age groups.

Proficiency in Annual Marketing Activation Campaigns:

  • Demonstrated expertise in CONCORDIA’s Annual Marketing Activation Campaigns, emphasising 'nationwide coverage with regional highlights' for optimal ad impact.


  • Enhanced Brand Visibility: The strategic campaigns led to a substantial increase in impressions, brand reach and on-platform engagement.
  • Efficient Multi-Lingual Strategies: Delivering content and strategies in German, French, and Italian, optimising engagement and resonance across diverse regions within Switzerland.
  • Exceptional Engagement Rates: The 2022 campaigns achieved outstanding results, including almost 8M impressions in a single month, and notable engagement rates.

Conclusion: Kuble's continuous partnership with CONCORDIA in managing and executing engaging Social Media Campaigns has showcased our expertise in driving substantial increases in visitors, impressions, generated leads, and effective activation strategies. Our commitment to delivering diverse and multi-lingual campaigns underscores our dedication to reaching a broad and varied audience. The exceptional results achieved in 2022 validate the success of our strategic approach and affirm our role as a trusted partner for CONCORDIA in their digital campaigns.