With the growth of digital channels and walled gardens, it is becoming more complex and difficult to create a single 360° dashboard using reports alone. Our Data Dashboard tool remedies this. We show paid, owned and earned metrics of all digital channels and tools accessible via API in a simple and clear way.

In addition, data can flow into the dashboard directly from spreadsheets or include calculations via BigQuery. Another option is to connect to databases, from which KPIs can be taken directly or calculated via BigQuery and also displayed on the dashboard. Thus, awareness, engagement and conversion KPIs on different levels can all be clearly visualised. Success can be differentiated by campaign, event, channel, content type, format or person and displayed accordingly.

For high-level overview dashboards, the focus must be on the most important and relevant KPIs, i.e. those derived from the objectives. For campaign optimisation, further deep-dive dashboards can then be created with SPIs (supporting performance indicators). This helps not only to keep an overview of ongoing campaigns but also to ensure campaign optimisation and the success of all communication measures.

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