• A picture is

    worth a

    thousand words.


    A video is

    worth a


  • Proud

    Christian Breitschmid can turn any situation into a breathtaking and unforgettable moving image. His mind, soul and eyes are essential to storytelling. Combining his talent with the experience of the unique digital avantgardist David Luisi, we are certain this is the moment to move full thrust (and trust) into video storytelling. Yes, we are proud: Kuble goes video with billionwords.


    A story that can be watched exists. Young people communicate in moving images. There is no better way to tell a story than video. We know how important it is.


    The next big thing in advertising, marketing and communications is and will be the art of storytelling in better ways over multiple channels. We are ready for the journey.

  • billionwords

    Strategic partner for video concepts and production with a special touch for digital marketing.

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