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Our Team

Olivia Schiffmann

Customer service provided with sincerity and integrity is the highest value of a company.

Partner / Operations
Christoph Hess

Let’s turn your strategy into a startegy. Because only by moving forward you get the insights that help you make the right decisions.

Partner / Digital Strategist
Gustavo Salami

Creating solutions, connecting apps and communications strategies are my passion.

Founder / Creations
Rahel Giudice

To translate complex ideas into visually simple concepts makes my mind and eyes sparkle.

Consultant, Strategist & Creative Conceptor
Gian Koch

The difference between something good and something great is attention to detail.

Project Manager & IT Specialist
Pascal Blank

To me, a win-win is bringing the right content to the people that actually enjoy it.

Performance Marketing
Hawa Kamara

I’m always excited about the new challenges, strategies and opportunities to be creative that every new campaign comes with.

Social Media Manager
Larissa Groff

To create content based on a simple idea and actually see the feedback of your audience straight away – that's what motivates me day after day.

Junior Social Media Manager
Simona Vitolo

Nothing is isolated. Everything is part of a system. I keep an eye on the main connections, not forgetting that there’s always room for improvement. New connections can be born :-)

If I have to choose a quote, then the following of Heraclitus: “We step and do not step into the same rivers, we are and we are not."

Hugo Sarti

Developing ideas.

CTO / Development
Matias Cabrera

It's not about ideas, it's about making ideas happen.

Ernesto Traversaro

It’s very satisfying to solve problems and help people through development, building solutions that make their life easier on a daily basis.

Information Systems Engineer / Development