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Rahel Giudice

Rahel Giudice

From storytelling to storymaking.


Before joining Kuble, I was studying Design Management and was working several years in the corporate environment, where I found my passion for branding, social media and visual storytelling. In my current role at Kuble, design thinking, strategy and visual storytelling are at the core of my work, in order to create social media strategies and presences that are authentic and relevant. I believe relevance is the single most determining factor for a brand’s long-term success, because the strongest brands are the ones that truly make a difference in people’s lives.



In all parts of my life I aim for productive fun :-) Authenticity, emotions and humor are key because only then can my inner self grow. I best recharge my batteries in nature, with my family or with an aperitivo consisting of burrata, olives, frise and a glass of wine.