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Pascal Blank

Pascal Blank

Bringing your content to the right people.


I got my first experience with social media while working through University. I got the chance to build up the social media presence for a small company in Zurich. After finishing my Bachelor’s degree, I gained some experience in community management at one of Switzerland's biggest newspapers. After some experience managing company’s accounts, I discovered my true passion for agency work in 2017 where I specialised on performance marketing. What I love most about working in a digital agency is helping big and small companies all around the world with creating engaging online advertisement content and getting it to the right people.


One of my biggest passions in life is food. To me, there is nothing that brings people closer together than incredible dishes from all around the world. I guess the only thing that brings people together even more is actually getting locked up together, which marks one of my other biggest interests: escape rooms. I have yet to find a work situation where I have to eat myself out of a room, but believe me, when that day comes, I’m ready for it! Feel free to also chat with me about anything related to Japan, new Netflix series or my Pomeranian puppy Arlen.