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Olivia Schiffmann

Olivia Schiffmann

Nice to meet you!


After my Master’s degree in law I made the first U-turn on my way to discover my professional calling: I started working as a corporate on- and offline journalist in finance. Five years later I moved to Singapore where I continued writing and started studying Chinese and art. When back in Zurich, art lead to opening up my own business, an art gallery. This experience of entrepreneurship led to my true calling, combining media, digital marketing and business. Since 2011 I am a partner at Kuble and mainly responsible for management and organisation.


Maybe it’s because of my Swiss and northern Italian origin, but nothing refills my energy levels more than being in the mountains. Hiking through the meadows full of alpine roses during mountain spring or snowshoe hiking in the winter, I simply can’t live without it. At home I love spending time with my family, to which also cats and our dog Avocado belong. When by myself, reading is my all time favorite –  I am looking forward to new brain food when starting my CAS in philosophy and management in 2019.