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Gian Koch

Gian Koch

Beat me at Lumosity :)


Always having liked numbers, figures and logic, I decided to study economic computer science and graduated with a Master’s degree. I then started off with a traineeship in IT project management at a mayor insurance company and later switched to sponsoring / event management where I was leading various projects ranging from small corporate incentives to big sponsorship implementations like Tour de Suisse. After some years in trade marketing I dedicated time to extensive traveling before I joined Kuble. Here, I can combine my deep knowledge in marketing/consulting and computer science to translate ideas into solutions on a daily basis, creating great results for our clients.


There are many aspects of life triggering my interest, amongst other things: nature, friends, cooking, photography, traveling (especially Argentina, my second home), reading, writing, movies, music, tennis, skiing, hiking, running, yoga, diving, and not to forget: trying to escape from escape rooms :)