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Employee advocacy: Why, what and for whom?

10 years ago we started to specialize our agency for social media services. Back then only few companies were present with their own accounts and pages and social media was indeed social because mostly people with their private profiles were active. With speed and creativity it was possible to generate a lot of owned and earned media, while paid media wasn't really prevalent yet.

Employee advocacy somehow brings us back to this time. Over the past couple of years, many brands established their footprint on social media and at the same time experienced that it's difficult to communicate personally and authentically if reach mostly depends on ads and users always see a logo at first sight. That's exactly where employee advocates can make a difference: They show their faces and names, their posts on private profiles are privileged by the algorithms and in their networks they have relationships that are based on interest and curiosity.

Every company, regardless of its industry or size, can benefit from these advantages. For example the health insurer CSS that we support in positioning their client advisors on social media for more B2C impact. Or the process automation company Endress+Hauser that launched a project in which we help them to use the networks and knowledge of their technical experts to build authentic B2B relations.

These comparisons and examples show why, what and for whom employee advocacy is relevant. You can find everything about the why in the blueprint white paper that's available to be downloaded for free in the box below. We wish you an inspiring read and we're looking forward to exchanging ideas and opinions!