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KPIs from A to Z: B as in Bounce Rate

The bounce rate is a key performance indicator that's relevant for the website and defined as follows:

Bounce Rate = Percentage of website visitors who only see the first page and don't click to visit other pages.

A low bounce rate indicates that website visitors have already found useful and interesting content on the first page and were curious enough to see other pages. It's common to qualify such actions as quality visits and we recommend to optimize the impact of owned, earned and paid media towards this result.

However, a high bounce rate can be an objective as well, probably because it's related to a long time spent per visit and generates many conversions such as purchases or newsletter registrations. In other words: If users would visit many other pages it might be because they didn't find what they need on the first page.

For an integrated view on bounce rates combined with many other KPIs we developed our own reporting dashboard: Click here to see a demo version and get in touch with us if you would like to start using the tool.

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