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KPIs from A to Z: A as in Ad Frequency

KPIs from A to Z: A as in Ad Frequency

This is the first article in a series that – yes, you guessed right – will continue until Z and shows how we enjoy working with data to be creative and always make the right decisions.

Regardless of the channels on which you run ad campaigns, the ad frequency can be calculated as follows:

Ad Frequency = Impressions / Reach

The number that you get should be assessed primarily regarding the targeting, platform and objectives.

  • Targeting: In certain countries, users are used to more aggressive marketing and are therefore more tolerant for a high ad frequency. In addition, in a small targeting audience the ad frequency increases faster.

  • Channel: With Google Ads it’s essential to maximize the ad frequency because it indicates a high relevance for the search terms. On social media however, frequency doesn’t equal relevance.

  • Objectives: In order to create awareness, a high ad frequency can be useful, while the impact on engagement might be negative if users feel annoyed by an ad. In other words: When many users block an ad, the ad frequency is too high. Another qualitative indicator is the sentiment of the comments, which should be measured in the context of community management.

For an integrated view on ad frequencies combined with many other KPIs we developed our own reporting dashboard: Click here to see a demo version and get in touch with us if you would like to start using the tool.