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Case study: Snack content for Swiss Life thought leadership

Starting point: Long-form articles about the ageing society, a self-determined life and related topics are published on the Swiss Life content hub. Social media is used to generate website traffic and engagement around this content from audiences in Germany, France and Switzerland. It’s a content marketing initiative that clearly goes beyond the products and services and follows thought leadership objectives.

Project: We produce snack social media content that creatively summarizes key messages of the long-form articles. It’s snackable because the GIFs, videos, Twitter moments, carousels and other formats perfectly fit short attention spans. Once a user gets curious, the likelihood is high that he will visit the website as well.

Results: Looking at the engagement and click through rates, the snack content performs significantly better compared with standard image and link preview content. Furthermore, the website KPIs indicate high quality for the website traffic.