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Case study: Launching employee advocacy at Endress+Hauser

Starting point: Endress+Hauser, a B2B process automation company with more than 13’000 employees, wanted to include employee advocates who use their personal accounts into the brand’s social media strategy. Across many industries we observe that such activities are impactful on various levels: Emotionally because faces are more human than logos; creative because the content is less standardized; and with regards to earned media because the algorithms on social media channels favour personal accounts.

Project: As part of our concept and training sessions, we developed the Employee Correspondents Canvas that helps the Endress+Hauser employees to define their role in seven areas: KPIs, channel, audience, interaction, USP, content and buddy (who can support and provide feedback). The instrument can be printed and used to collect ideas with post-it notes.

Results: The programme is constantly growing and creates value beyond marketing and communications because employee advocacy boosts cultural change, knowledge sharing and business innovation as well.