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Case study: Analyzing voter sentiment about No Billag

Starting point: The No Billag referendum that was held in March 2018 seeked to abolish the licence fee used to finance public radio and television in Switzerland. Due to this radical approach, there was a heated debate on social media that involved parties, politicians, activists, voters and journalists.

Project: Voter sentiment is very insightful when it comes to analyzing political campaigns and social media is a useful data source because users more openly disclose their opinion than in official surveys. Using the social media monitoring tool Brandwatch and its API, we developed a customized sentiment analysis that categorized social media users on different channels according to their opinion and influence. To increase the quality and precision of the analysis, the customization included manual checks.

Results: Looking at the Brandwatch dashboard, our client always had the full picture about the trends and developments on the yes and no side of the campaign. Such insights help to make better decisions about timing, messages and stakeholder involvement. Beyond political campaigns, sentiment analysis is a key instrument for marketing and communications teams that want to truly understand their community.