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Case Study: Activating the art community with #ArtLoveStory

Starting point: UBS sponsors Art Basel already for many years. In 2017 the bank’s lounge in Miami showcased a big screen that collects user generated content from social media. So the art community around the world had to be activated to make it attractive for visitors at the event.

Project: As part of an exclusive collaboration with Twitter, we launched the #ArtLoveStory hashtag that included a heart emoji. Such special hashtags can be booked similar to ad campaigns. “Tell us your art love story” was the call to action that was used throughout the content and in conversations that also involved influencers. Apart from the hashtag, the heart emoji was used in GIFs and videos as well.

Results: The hashtag added the right emotional touch to collaborative storytelling. The CTA was easy to understand and at the same time inspiring enough so that users shared images, memories and other insights into how, why and where they love art. Such personal bonds between a brand and its community create long-term value beyond temporary campaigns and events.