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Blockchain and ICOs: What's trending?

I prepared this analysis for the Influencer.World Magazine which we will distribute at our #pokeRT Party on November 5. Join us for networking, expert talks and DJ sounds:

“We have two ears and one mouth so that we can listen twice as much as we speak,” recommended the Greek philosopher Epictetus. In the context of the social web, this mindset means that monitoring and listening are essential for any decision, whether it’s strategic or operational. Our tool of choice for such tasks is Brandwatch and I used it to analyze global conversations about the blockchain and ICOs.


Looking at the sites in the list above, the most striking observation is the high relevance of Medium. For blockchain and ICO topics, the blogging platform (started by Twitter’s co-founder Ed Williams) seems to reach much more than a niche audience.



One trending hashtag that’s standing out is #airdrop. By distributing free tokens or coins, blockchain products and services try to gain attention. The peaks over time – as you can see in the curve above – provide insights about the success rates and timelines of ICOs.

data 2


The top five of global influencers in the list above shows another trend: Conversations about the blockchain and ICOs have reached mainstream media, politics and business. Let’s continue to listen closely and eventually speak about our needs and ideas so that today’s trends turn into substance for the future.