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Augmented Reality Twitter Wall

We will present the first Augmented Reality Twitter Wall at our event on June 4!

As usual when we organize talks and events, we seek to innovate – not only regarding topics and contents, but also regarding everything around it. It started with our original poster designs for the #pokeRT event and continued with our already famous Twitter walls. Recently, we have been introducing different features, such as multimedia content and even live voting for different contests.

At the next Kuble event we will introduce the first Twitter AR Wall. How it works: By using the open source library A-Frame, we enable the user to visualize a virtual wall, using just his phone. There is no need for an app download or the usage of a projector screen. The user only needs to scan a QR code and within seconds he will be reading the latest tweets about the event.

The possibilities for this technology to be used at talks and events are endless. You can even include markers on some presentation slides so that users can see additional content or media.

AR is already here and we are curious to experience it – what about you?

We are looking forward to showing you this new feature at our Summer Event on June 4.